Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Whatever Happened to Moderates?

Why do we have to have to have a piece of bad legislation shoved down our throats just because the Democrats feel obligated to pass something?

For a short time I was delusional enough to think some members of Congress had actually come to their senses and realized the Health Care reform bill now open for debate is just that.A bad piece of legislation. Not just the government option part of it, but the lack of tort reform, the lack of ability to buy across state lines, the medicare reimbursement cutbacks, just to mention a few. Then came Mary Landrieu.

She is one I had hope for then came the $300 million bribe. She even had the gall to point out that the originally reported $100 million was incorrect. No cheap date this Senator! The price has been set for the buying of votes. Granted, these figures aren't going to add to the cost, just shift money around. Being in the Republican state of Idaho, I'm somewhat miffed. Some of that pocket change that will be fattening Louisiana's coffers may well be coming out of ours! How fair is that?

Why is this happening? Because no one has any convictions any more. Oh, I know, this is politics as usual. Bribing members of Congress for their votes. I don't have to like it. And I don't have to vote for the incumbents next go round. The trouble is, no matter who runs, once in Washington, it will all be the same. If the freshmen don't play the game they'll get none of the spoils!

What about the Blue Dogs? They only have clout if they stick together. It isn't going to happen. They are about as close to the center as anyone we have right now and there aren't enough of them.

Moderates don't seem to be able to gain a foothold any more. We're being manhandled by the far left at the moment and the vocal opposition is coming from the far right.

Well, who are the moderates? On the Democratic side can you name one? On the Republican side? Those who are no longer welcome under the big tent? Name one who might be a contender in 2012. Not Palin. Not Huckabee. Who?

Come out, come out wherever you are! We need to see you're still among the living. More than that we need to hear from you! Or are you like the dinosaurs that came before you? Eternally mired in the tar pits.


Word Tosser said...

In the days of Mike Mansfield, Sam Rayburn, Tip O'Neil and such... there was the smoke back room where freshmen were taken and told how they were going to vote or else... or else the machine will get you voted out.. but the twisting of arms and etc. wasn't to this largeness...

Wall Street millions and billions bonus, 300 million bribes, and they wonder why the citizens are fed up and want to have a revolution.
Now with the direct right R's and the direct left D's... the moderates are in hiding, afraid to say they are in the middle.

Margie's Musings said...

I wonder about Romney, Mari. Would be be any better?

Dogwalk said...

Hard to say. When he first started running he was mistrusted because of his pesky flipflops. Though from a business and experience standpoint, he's more than qualified but he doesn't seem able to gain any traction.

Do you think it's because he's Mormon? Is religion a bigger issue than race?

Margie's Musings said...

I think so. People are very mistrustful of Mormons. And with good reason. They must "heed to council".comes