Monday, December 21, 2009


There are days I get so upset with the news and it's implications I can't even rant about it. Today is such a day so once again I decided to bury myself in the season.

This is the second time I've felt compelled to bake some cookies so I dug out my Mom's old tin cookie cutters. Do you remember them? Boy, I sure do. I remember my Mom spending hours in the kitchen, working on an old gas stove quite unlike the Viking range in our kitchen. She turned out magic. Animal cookies, caramels, apricot bars, nut balls, rum balls and even an edible fruit cake!

I kept those cookie cutters more for the memories than to actually use. But I have her recipes so I decided to have a go at it. The cookies are on a plate in the dining room waiting for Hub to dig in. The first batch lasted about two days. There are quite a few more this time so no more. He has his own baking to do anyway. He makes stollen every year and it will last us until New Years and maybe a few days beyond! Then it's South Beach diet time for me!

While I'm in nostalgia mode I thought I'd show you some close ups of some of the ornaments. These two are old ! A hand blown glass hot air balloon and an extremely fragile egg shell!

This set includes a gift - a little devil of a nutcracker from Christian Steinbach for my having bought so many of them from him!

The little wooden cutout was from some of our "between opportunity" days when we made our own ornaments. Boy, that was awhile ago!

The cuckoo clock came from one of our many trips to Switzerland

And the angel. Hub's Mom made that and it has been with us forever. Somehow she remains in tact. We will never replace her.

And of course there has to be a Saint Bernard! You rarely see anything related to Saint Bernards so when Hallmark came out with this one several years it had to be added to the collection!

So that's a little trip through time with me. Sometimes it's just better to remember the good things. What isn't will be there tomorrow - or whenever I feel like addressing it. Today's its cookies. I'm wondering if we still have and hot chocolate. For this short period of time I feel like a kid again!


Word Tosser said...

Oh, how I remember these...cookie cutters... Mom had so many of them. and she also had a separate set that was used for small sandwiches...she had the 4 cards set. Clubs, Diamonds, Spades, and Hearts.. She used them for her friends when they had card games. Geesh they were small


Linda said...

Yes, these do bring back memories. I wonder what I did with all my cookie cutters? Probably left them in Texas with my daughter.

Bubble lights are my best childhood Christmas memory. We only had one string and I kept them until they were falling apart and dangerous. It was hard to give them up.

You won't miss anything by giving politics up for a few days. It always amazes me when I travel how little I miss.

It's political history for me for the future. It's much more fun to read than current events.

Grammyof13 said...

Just stopped by on a run to say, I sure hope you have wonderful day on Chistmas and through the Holidays.