Friday, February 26, 2010

Majority Rules? What Does Majority Mean?

The curtain has fallen on the umteenth act of "Health Care Reform - The Drama". It was interesting to watch even if somewhat tedious. The outcome was not unexpected.

There are a couple of points made by the President with which I take exception. "Baby steps" won't do the job regarding the Republicans desire to take things incrementally. With due respect, sir, neither does cramming the whole thing down our throats. As the pediatricians want hot dogs redesigned to eliminate the choking hazard, so should this bill be for the same reason.

It's not that the people don't want health care reform. They do. Just not this bill. Just take a look at the polls regarding the Democrats plan on Real Clear Politics.

"Most Americans think a majority vote makes sense." A simple majority or a coerced majority? When the Democrats are at such odds with one another over this bill, how can they continue to insist it's their way or the highway? I won't go into all the arm twisting and behind closed doors deal making. It existed and we all know it. It makes less than a clean piece of legislation under any circumstance. I'd be no where nearly as disgusted if a fair number of Republicans and Democrats were both for and against it. That would indicate to me there was more involved than partisanism.

Perhaps the old "throw the bums out" isn't the way to look at candidates any more. We elected Obama on the strength of his personality and empty rhetoric because we were war weary and wanted something uplifting. As a result able Congressmen and Senators lost their seats by others riding on those soaring coat tails. I do not favor coat tails.

This year brings the mid-terms. I no more want to see Democrats driven from office then I did Republicans last time around. We only have two parties. We're witnessing what happens when there is a tidal surge of discontent.

I don't know how the health care debate will turn out. I do know that during the upcoming campaigns I'll be looking a lot more closely at what the candidates bring to the table. Talking points and buzz words will no longer cut it. I'll be looking for candidates that actually have some core beliefs and the courage of their convictions. Regardless of party.

Never again will I be sucked in by personality over substance. Had I to do over again who would I have supported? Neither.


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I thought about blogging on this... the part about how they are cramming a huge bill that no one really understands....when they could have started smaller... Like no precondition rule and a few others like that. Clean up the padding of the bill by hospitals, doctors and nursing homes...maybe raising the Mediaid wages limit by $10,000 a year. And then after that is passed, start with a few others. This way they are gagging us to death...
But that is Congress and that is their way... oh, for Congress that worries about their voters instead of each other.