Friday, March 12, 2010

Et Tu Nancy?

Eric Massa resigned from the House because of allegations he made inappropriate comments to an aide. Perhaps he did. The House leadership seems to have known about it since October. As is typical, nothing was done. He was a Democrat and since they are the party in power their members get passes for a whole lot more than if a Republican was the offender. Unless said Democrat dares go against what the leadership wants.

If being confronted by a naked Rahm(bo) in the locker room isn't enough to shake you up then they sic the ethics committee on you. Sweet.

Now they are after John Stupak, the pro-life Democrat and leader of the band of 12 against federal funding for abortions. The language is not in the Senate bill so he and his supporters had vowed to vote no. No more. According to NPR they are all getting pounded.

There is no intention of changing the language under the rational that if the Stupak amendment is added "more children will be born and, therefore, it will cost us millions more." I'm not sure I buy that. Somehow I don't see an upsurge of women having irresponsible sex and ending up pregnant just because they can get a Federally funded abortion! Lust and carelessness don't work that way.

Whether you agree with Stupak's stance or not, the way he's being treated is reprehensible. He is a pro-life Democrat. The Democratic party apparently has no room for him or the like minded. Don't they all have the right to stand firm on their beliefs without being threatened? Are their careers on the line? Are they being promised jobs with lobbying firms or ambassadorships? Another visit from Rahm(bo)? Good cop, bad cop tactics? What does it take to make a man go back on his beliefs? For most politicians, not much. Mr. Stupak seems to be a different sort.

What has he been promised? An investigation by the ethics committee. On what basis? I have no idea. Maybe it's because he has some.


Word Tosser said...

ah, the old smoke room tatics of the Rayburn style..... only difference is no one dare talk about those meetings with Rayburn and later Johnson...
Guess we will never get a Congress that cares about the citizens, but who they can boss around

Bay Views said...

These strong armed tactics remind me of wartime FDR who wasn't a bit shy about throwing detractoes under the bus. All of this monster power play of the last year will come back to haunt rhe Dems. A similar thing happend to the Republican party after they captured congress with the Newt Gingrich tide, of "Contract with America. After winning, they didn't seem to be able to govern as the majority. Sound familiar?