Friday, March 26, 2010

Generational and Ideological Disconnect

I was quite dismayed when I read that General McCrystal is closing down what few reminders of home and better times our young soldiers have at Kandahar Airfield.

The area, known as the boardwalk, has a Burger King, Subway, TGI Friday's and a Cold Stone Creamery, a hockey rink and basketball court along with other amenities bringing a bit of the U.S. to the unforgiving surroundings of Afghanistan. What better to keep some some semblance of morale?

Well, no. The rationale is it will free up much needed space for the incoming troops. Gee, I guess being fresh from home their morale will be just fine. For awhile.

Closer to the truth is that McCrystal is trying to convey that the U.S. has no intention of Americanizing Afghanistan. Don't our kids count? After all, they're over there trying to appease the Taliban while Karzai is wheeling and dealing with them at the same time. Probably working a deal to let him stay in office after the Americans leave in return for leaving the Taliban alone. Just saying.

Meantime, the youth of Afghanistan have other ideas. According to a story on the BCC there is a rock band calling themselves Kabul Dreams that is making quite a name for themselves. The three members are of different ethnicity's so they sing in English to convey unity. They are proud young Afghan men who want to show the world that Afghanistan is more than just a war torn backwater. Let's hear it for the young men!It's worth following the BCC link and listening to what they have to say along with some pretty darn good music!

I had high hopes that a younger generation in Washington would make a positive difference. Not this one. Pride is not conveyed by appeasement. Let's look to the next where the Afghan's choose western ways.

Maybe our young GIs and the young musicians from Kabul should get together and work out the whole sorry mess. I'm sure the Afghans would enjoy a Whopper or some of TGI's wings. I'm sure our young warriors would love the Afghan's music. After all, it's western in nature, instruments and all.

It's the old men of ego and war that are perpetuating it. I'd much rather see music and the ideas of youth as the great equalizer!

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Bay Views said...

Having spent almost seven years in our military service, I can tell you two truths. One, regardless of the B/S that the generals dish up, they don't give a fiddler's damn about the comfort or entertainment of the troops.

Two, the military has always been political, but in the last thirty years it has been attrocious, as the troops are used as pawns for window decorations with other governments. Hey, even our president, commander-in-chief of the armed forces, could not care less. The sensabilities of the countries we ar trying to rescue is more important than good morale.