Thursday, March 25, 2010

Of COURSE The People Are Angry!

All this breast beating going on about said threats to members of Congress is all over the news. I'm wondering if it's being exaggerated for effect. Yes, I'm wearing my cynical hat today.

I do not condone displays of bad behavior whether it be crude and unacceptable epitaphs hurled at people or property destruction. Yet in the case of what's happening now after the forcing through of health care reform, I understand it. After months of watching members fall from false convictions by accepting bribes for votes, the people are angry. They've been angry all along. As bits and pieces of the bill became known they let their Senators and Representatives know. When they found they were being ignored they started to form loosely organized groups to protest. This became the Tea Party Movement. Sure, some of them were more politically incorrect in their protests. Could this be frustration mounting?

Still the decimation of bipartisanship in Washington continued as though the people didn't exist. Finally enough bribes were made to get the legislation passed. Never mind that the people still don't like it. The frustration has turned to anger. Want to bet the militia movement is seeing an increase in membership?

As more and more of the details are coming out, like the funding of Viagra for sex offenders with our dollars and the Congress exempting themselves from everything in the bill, the anger is beginning to boil over. I'd not be surprised if this is the beginning of a serious revolution.

The politicians can stand up there and tsk tsk the bad behavior, the pundits can urge the people to take the fight to the ballot box but the frustration and anger needs to be vented now, not months down the road.

This war is yet to be won. Knowing how politics works, I'm not sure having a power exchange is the answer. The politicians are too bent on revenge. Yet in watching the arrogant stand of the administration and the Democrats and the people's reaction, it's no wonder the rest of the world is snickering behind their hands. Israel is slapping us in the face one more time, Russia is eking out more cuts in our defense mechanisms and the U.S. Military is scaling back the few comforts of home our soldiers have to enjoy so as not to offend the Afghans.

What's wrong with this picture? Everything. Can it be fixed? Who knows. We're a badly broken country who's government's ideology doesn't mesh with the people's. The government is fiddling with everything fundamentally American while the people burn.

Our adversaries are watching this tragedy of political theater and applauding the crumpling of a once solid, proud nation. One can only hope, however, there will be no curtain call!


Betty said...

There is no funding of Viagra. This was an amendment presented by the Republicans, in order to delay the vote. It was turned down.

Dogwalk said...

I take exception Betty. The amendment was to "prevent" such action and the Democrats voted it down. Check it out on Politico

Betty said...

But, the amendment wasn't serious. It was just presented so the Republicans could delay the passage of the Reconciliation bill. If they want to prevent Viagra from being prescribed, they need to present it as a bill on its own. They counted on it being voted down. It was one of a bunch of absurd amendments by the Republicans. As it is, they managed to get another vote by the House, but they lost anyway, in the end.

Dogwalk said...

The amendment is serious. Men can get viagra paid for under medicaid and medicare with no exceptions. The Republican amendment was to prevent those men who are pedophiles or rapists from that ability.

I do no disagree with you it was done to embarrass the Democrats. Of course it was. The issue is, politics aside, it is a worthy amendment. This has become a game of 'got ya' which both sides play and neither should.

Betty said...

I think we agree, at last. lol