Saturday, April 24, 2010

Being A Judge Does Not Equate With Good Judgement

I have to wonder why a law that was perfectly good ten years ago is no longer so today. According to the Supreme Court.

The ten year old law banned the sale of videos that graphically depicted the torture and cruel death of small animals. Kittens, rabbits, hamsters. Stomped to death by women often wearing high heeled shoes. All for the sexual gratification of those as sick as those who make them. It didn't go far enough. It should have banned the making of these videos and punishment by the same means of those participants whether they made them or watched them!

How does the Supreme Court figure into this? They voted 8 to 1 (let's hear a huge cheer for Justice Alito) that the ban infringed on freedom of speech. Let's see. You can't use the N word because it's considered a hate crime. You can spew your hatred at burials of military casualties even though they had no connection to what you hate! The Supremes are still deciding this one. Well, let hate crimes rule over free speech for those who cannot speak! Hatred of innocent animals! My God, what kind of people are these? All of them!

It's okay because it might infringe on hunting videos? The new legislation will exempt them. In my view they are hardly in the same category nor sold for the same purpose! You know what isn't included? Dog fighting videos! They fit in with the former rather than the latter in my opinion and deserve the most harsh of penalties. Punishment, however, remains punishment light. A fine and up to five years in prison for selling the videos. Are there not a lot of other violations here? By the film makers and worse, those who actually do the killing? Are there no animal cruelty laws?

Maybe it's time to re-examine the penalties for such outrages and stiffen them to a fare-thee-well. Maybe that would help discourage those who make and sell them and buy them. But, then again, perhaps not. It's probably done int the murky world of underground black markets.

All I can say is I hope one never crosses my path. Even at my old age I can guarantee my adrenaline would be flowing to the extent I could still take an eye for an eye. Just like in the video. In high heels. I may hobble but I can still wear 'em!


Margie's Musings said...

We are certainly living in a very strange world in this day and age. All common sense and mercy has gone by the wayside.

Word Tosser said...

That is what I was going to say, Margie... what happen to Common sense AND common decency