Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is It Only A Matter Of Time?

The grumbling has been going on for some time now though you only hear it if you're listening closely. There has yet to be an all out rebellion. The press is not happy with Obama!

Wow. Who would know? Unless you listen to FOX on a regular basis it seems the love affair is still hot. Especially on MSNBC. But no, it seems the White House press corp is getting frustrated with Press Secretary Robert Gibbs giving them the run around. They're getting frustrated with the President's tone the few times he deems it absolutely necessary to speak with them. He sounds like what he is. A parent taking his kids to task. As an adult I'd resent that tone too!

It has always fascinated me. The strained relationship between the press and the administration. Any administration. This one is, however, taking it to new heights.

Though it seems they sometimes forget their job, the press is supposed to ask the tough questions to keep we folks informed. Too often softball questions are asked in order not to offend. That's no way to inform the public and it gives the administration ample opportunity to stick with their talking points. What would happen if the designated speakers were no longer available for the week end talk fests because they didn't like what they were asked? I know what I'd do. I'd make it perfectly clear who declined and make a huge point of the reason why.

Even stranger is the timing of this animosity. Mid-term elections are on the horizon. Immediately after them the campaign for 2012 will begin. Why would the administration be alienating the press?

I can see no good coming from it other than the entire roster of talking heads on MSNBC might find themselves without jobs. Even if they stay faithful, their ratings are so low they'll not be able to win the election for Obama on their own.

It's just curious. The press made Obama President. They fell all over themselves building his image into something the man isn't. Some gratitude. Dismissing them.

One wonders who they'll choose next to elevate upon their pedestal of unlikely credentials, accomplishments and expectations. If this rift isn't soon mended it's a wide open field. Fickle bunch, that pesky press corp!

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Gail said...

Ah, the press.

My father said if the news is the way it was now during WWII, we would have lost the war.