Monday, April 26, 2010

The Long Brown Line

If illegal aliens looked like the fellow in the picture, we wouldn't have a problem. Even with twelve million of them floating around the country they'd be easy to spot, round up and send back to their own homeland. Unfortunately, they aren't green blobs. Along our southern border they resemble the Hispanic community because that's who they are. It doesn't matter if they are Mexican or Colombian or Guatemalans, they share characteristics and skin tone.

First of all, we are facing two problems. One is the steady flow of newcomers. The other is what to do with those already here. The government, of course, wouldn't ever break anything into workable pieces. Big, massive programs just don't work because they put in place more pork than workable solutions. So they talk and talk...and talk. Arizona finally said, "Enough!"

My issues today are the illegals crossing the borders and Arizona's attempt to curb it. The bill they passed isn't perfect but since the Feds are doing nothing but talking and scolding, I'm squarely in Arizona's corner. You can bet a fair number of those turning out to protest this new legislation are themselves illegal, but how are we to know? It's estimated there are 460,000 of them living in just Arizona. Then there are the other border states - Texas, New Mexico and California.

California, where there are signs on the freeway warning you to watch for illegals trying to cross traffic. There are times they don't make it.

Arizona, where ranchers have to patrol their own borders to protect their property and families.

The Hispanic community could help the situation immensely if they would turn in those they know to be illegal rather than shouting foul. This would be good advice to the Muslim community too regarding those who are potential jihadists!

When a thirteen year old complains that he won't be able to walk to school any more, or even be on the streets without the "pigs" thinking they are illegal, there is definitely an attitude problem. Could he be part of it?

Let's face it, there comes a time to face reality. If illegals and terrorists are to be stopped from entering the country we are going to have to close the borders with inordinate man power. Period. Once within the borders, if we are to apprehend them we will have to do racial profiling. Those who are here legally should understand most of all. It's the illegals who are causing them to be questioned. Stop the illegals and the questioning will stop. It seems pretty simple to me!

Having lived in Texas, Southern California and spending a great deal of time in both New Mexico and Arizona, I know how many Hispanics there are in relation to whites. Rather than protesting a law that's trying to help them, why don't they pitch in?

Always being the victim runs thin after awhile and in this case it has about run its course.

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nan16 said...

This is the first time I've read your blog but I found your link on velvetsacks and decided to read yours. I totally agree with you about the illegal immigrants. If the legal citizens would turn in the illegal ones, that would solve half the problems but they won't because the illegal ones are probably family. Here in Texas, I hear on the news, that most of the murders, robberies and other felonies are now being committed by Hispanics and that they are not here legally. Our prisons are filled with illegal immigrants and our taxes are what pays for their "3 squares" and a cot. I hear also Texas is thinking of following in Arizona's footsteps. I can only hope this happens.