Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Pope And The President - They Are Merely Men!

I'm beginning to get annoyed by two things. One, the current defense of the Pope accompanying denial that he could have possibly had anything to do with pedophile priests while he was a Bishop in Germany. The other is the accusation that by criticizing the President one is a radical or racist.

Look, these are both men. Mortals. Period. Neither is exempted from what he did throughout his lifetime just because of the position he now holds. Both are capable of bad judgement now just as they were as children and adults before attaining these positions.

The Pope wears Prada while his third world followers starve. The President is having trouble breaking his smoking habit and is deaf to the mood of the nation. Neither, as a human being, is any different than anyone else. Circumstance brought them to where they are. And well thought out campaigns which were not necessarily of their own making.

Heck, we don't even know if the President was indeed a scholar or merely a successful affirmative action candidate. Since he refuses to release his college and law school transcripts it is easily assumable that he is not what he'd like us to believe.

Two things need to happen. We need to quite building pedestals for mere men and they need to quit believing the hype that puts them on one.

If we could do that then maybe a degree of mutual understanding could be re-established. Easter is just around the corner. Recognizing the difference between the individual and his office might be as idea worth raising from the dead.


Margie's Musings said...

I know what you mean, Mari. I am disappointed in both of them. The pope for obvious reasons and Obama because he promised to get our troops out of the Middle East and hasn't.

Thus far, I am disappointed in him as president and will only vote for him again if the Republicans don't have a likely candidate. And it doesn't appear that they do. They are so busy being negative. They should realize they are looking like villains and if they just don't do that, the president will be a one term president by his own efforts.

Word Tosser said...

like one of my teachers said years ago.... no difference in men...they all put their pants on the same leg at a time...

Margie, if my memory still serves me right (which is quesitonable at times) but Obama said he would get us out of Iraq, but never said the Mid East... in fact he said he was sending them to Afganastan... and no time limit was put on that.