Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hillary And Hamid - Here They go Again

Why, oh why, do they bother? Karzai is in this country to make nice and Hillary is patting him on the head and telling him being a bad boy doesn't mean she doesn't love him. Boy, I'm getting tired of the charade.

In fact, The Wall Street Journal tells us, these differences only showcase the strength of the relationship. Heck, he's even going to Arlington to pay his respects. You might think all is well when Karzai says, "Afghanistan is known around the world for being a country that remembers a friend - and for long." I never knew Afghanistan was known for that. It's barely even known as a country! I also question the sincerity. They may indeed remember a friend, but are we one?

On the very same day, we get to see a report issued by the International Crisis Group that spells out the escalating corruption and ethnic rivalries within the Afghan military. You know, the guys that are supposed to be training to protect their own country so we can leave.

To make matters worse NATO is proposing a Courageous Restraint Award for those who show restraint when civilians may be present. Imagine how popular that one will be when awarded posthumously!

It's no wonder our allies are taking a good hard look at us and deciding to cool the relationship. Troop levels are being reduced; there isn't much stomach for this war even though all our allies suffer the same threats of terrorism. Many have suffered far worse than threats yet they have little stomach for this war.

Is it possible they have a better way of dealing with it? Is it possible for this administration to realize that it's strategy isn't working and that listening to advice from others might be prudent?

Nah. Not this administration.


Margie's Musings said...

I don't think war mongers ever listen to anyone. And all these politicians are war mongers. Sometimes I wonder if it isn't a "man" thing. I can't imagine a woman wanting to send sons and daughters off to be killed and maimed in a war.

We need to get out of this war while the American people still have the financial ability to do so. The cost of the war is not even included in the official federal budget. This war, along with the other huge problems of the nation, is going to financially break us as a nation.

The American people, according to all polls, are ready to end it. But the politicians never listen to their constituency. They only listen to the lobbyists and the military, who, of course, want to continue it for their own reasons.

nan16 said...

They want to continue it, because that's their job and if the war ends, the military generals and officers will have to retire!

And another point, we are so friendly with Saudi Arabia and isn't it from Saudi Arabia that Afghanistan and Pakistan are getting the money for madrassas, for weapons and the terrorists training camps? The U.S. is like a dog chasing it's tail....

Margie's Musings said...

Nan, I couldn't agree more!