Sunday, June 13, 2010


I've come to the conclusion that we're missing a point in this season of primaries. That would be the "how". And not the cliched Indian greeting!

Dissatisfaction with and disappointment in the Obama administration and Congress in general has the lynch mobs calling to throw all the bums out, no matter which party. There are legislators who are pretty thorough in their decision making process and actually have the people in mind before themselves. Their problem is they can't seem to band together in numbers enough to overcome partisanship.

Now people are being unseated merely because they are incumbents. Not wise. Having been bouncing around this part of the country of late I've had the chance to browse some newspapers I usually don't see. It seems all the same. So and so's a bum, elect me. I'm against this, this and this. I'm for not much of anything.

But if they are for something, no one is saying how they would expect to achieve their goals. Never mind that the lofty idea of one politician hasn't a chance to even get a hearing, especially if said politician is a newbie. But other than that, how often have you ever heard the "how"?

We had better start pinning them down. I don't see a lot of substance in many of the Tea Party favorites that are winning primaries. Take the race in Nevada for instance. Harry Reid had everything but his rump out the door but the Republicans elected the weakest of the candidates vying for the nomination to run against him. She is a Tea Party favorite. In all that I've read, I don't see what she actually brings to the table. It would be nice to unseat Reid but I don't see it happening now.

If we really want to put the skids on this run-a-way administration we had better get off our "any body but" mode and start looking for candidates who actually have some ideas as to how to make things work rather than listening to no more than the same tired slogans.

There certainly must be some truly able out there. Aren't there?


Margie's Musings said...

But are there any, Mari? I haven't seen anyone running that has any real substance. I don't know who to vote for but I'm not voting to any do nothing incumbent.

Word Tosser said...

I wrote a post of his subject a while back... I think I called careful what you wish for... but you said it better..

John Dwyer said...

You certainly have this problem correctly analyzed. You question why we cannot find able candidates. I would add that most able candidates will not subject themselves to today's partisan nastiness. Without a responsible nationally admired media bringing the facts to our attention (not the entertainment type) this is not going to change.