Friday, June 11, 2010

Red, White or Blue?

The catch up work is on hold. The weather is just not cooperating. Plus I had a birthday thrown in so Hub has given me a reprieve on my hiatus from blogging!

We met some good friends in south central Washington for a couple of days of wine tasting. Some of the wineries have a concept that is relatively new, in my context, and eminently workable. Little "villages" with a cluster of a half dozen or so wineries all within walking distance. It was great. We tasted wines we'd probably have by passed had we been driving from winery to winery - as we did in some areas. We found some real treasures in so doing.

It was quite nice to have a drizzly week day. Not many people were out and about so the servers had ample time to tell us about their wines. Being on meds I kept my tasting to nothing more than small sips but it was enough to give a thumbs up or down. And to get relaxed enough to join in laughter and camaraderie that is typical. It was just a lot of fun.

Maybe the best part for me, with limited ability to consume, was the number of tasting rooms that had dogs as greeters. It was funny, but I was the first each and every one came to as we entered. I guess they sensed I needed a "doggy fix" more than I needed a taste! They were right.

We tasted some great reds and whites and the pups sure chased away my blues!

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