Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Beware The Tub!

This is one of those news items I had to catch twice. That's why I embedded the video from KREM 2 News. So you too can relish the full impact.

You readers who know me know how I love to find obscure studies that one wonders how they ever got funded. This one is an Australian study that found men over 40 who use erectile dysfunction medication are more likely to get sexually transmitted diseases, especially Aids, then those who don't, including younger men.

The rationale they found was that older men were less likely to use condoms than younger men. Okay. I'll buy that. But could it also be because if the older men weren't taking the likes of Cialis and Viagra they wouldn't be having sex in the first place? Safe or otherwise?

Now, if they really want to do a study to clear up one of the great mysteries of life, what's the deal with Cialis and bath tubs? Unless there is a way to engage in sexual activity I'm unaware of, and that is certainly possible, I see no way those men could possibly get an STD with or without a condom!

Just saying...

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