Tuesday, August 31, 2010

9/11 Redux - Paranoid Or Prudent

There have been a lot of instances lately where I believe the Islamists who would destroy us are getting their fill of belly laughs. The reasons for such have been making the headlines far more frequently as 9/11 once again approaches.

First we have the continuing flap over building a Muslim cultural center a couple of blocks from "ground zero" coupled with less than comforting remarks by the Imam and his wife. Then there is the young man who is the financier who refuses to answer any questions. You'll note everything is carefully couched so it could mean anything.

Then there is the incident where two men of Yemeni descent, supposedly unknown to one another, got separated from their luggage which contained curious devices. They ended up in Amsterdam, their luggage in Dallas. If there is anything typical about this story it's the luggage part. Getting separated from the owners. This happened far too frequently long before the original 9/11. It's just gotten worse since.

Today there was an
incident in Tampa
where nine Pakistanis were removed from a flight due to an inappropriate comment that made a flight attendant feel uneasy.

One common thread running through these "incidents" has been no clear cut evidence of wrong doing or even the idea of it has surfaced. Still. The frequency. The nationalities. The actual actions. How can one not be edgy? At times I feel they are laughing at us while doing their research, knowing full well we can only surmise.

One thing that can be said with certainty is that all the airport security, body scans, pat downs, luggage searches, etc. haven't done one thing to eliminate dangling the carrot in front of the hare! And laughing when the hare can't quite reach it.


Margie's Musings said...

All Islamic people are not terrorists, Mari. One dear friend of mine is Muslim and she is far from a terrorist. I don't think we should paint them all with the same brush.

Dogwalk said...

I'm not Margie. I know there are different schools of thought among Muslims just like many western religions. However, they need to make a bigger effort to explain the differences between them or the press will continue to paint them all the same and innocent will be so tarred and they will continue to be feared and the hate will grow.

marlu said...

Are the Muslims like some Christians in that the pick and choose which part of their good book to follow?
In the Koran I believe it says to rid the world of infidels (non Muslims)
I agree that those who are moderate need to speak up.

John Dwyer said...

I have come to the conclusion that the Mosque site was carefully chosen as a vehicle to elicit predictable reactions of outrage which can be used as recruitment material. The builders put themselves in a win/win position.