Tuesday, August 24, 2010

'Owl' Be Darned! I'm Totally Whigged Out!

I knew if I alluded to it often enough, or called for it long enough I'd find it. As the people who founded it say, "The Party for the rest of us."

There is is a party for moderates just getting cranked up. They call themselves The Modern Whigs. I've been doing a lot of searching since I saw the article about them in this mornings Wall Street Journal. They are a real organization with an extensive web site and they have the obligatory page on facebook .

They've chosen the owl as their symbol after the original Whig party. A sign of wisdom. Let us hope!

Of note are the people who have pulled this organization together - soldiers, according to the Journal, who were tired of the bickering that filled TV screens in Iraq and Afghanistan. Have you been wondering how the soldiers feel? Well, a group of them are certainly letting it be known how they feel! They're even having some small successes running candidates.

For you who are dissatisfied with the current political situation, it may be worth checking them out. I like the idea that they are young and from the few profiles I've scanned, they've attracted some people with pretty substantial credentials. If there is substance behind the credentials there may be some promise. I'll be looking at that, having been totally hoodwinked once.

I love owls. There's something regal about them yet unobtrusive. Dignified.

I'm going to read more.


John Dwyer said...

I also found this Whig party an intriguing possibility. I have never thought third parties have a chance. However when the idiot fringes of both parties take over, maybe then it could catch on. One can only hope. I now vote just to try to keep any one party from dominating. It would be nice to be able to vote for one's beliefs instead.

Margie's Musings said...

I agree!