Monday, August 23, 2010

Take Your Grubby Hands Off Me!

We give up our right about being searched without cause when we agree to fly. First it was wanding and removing a belt. Inconvenient but one could live with it even in airports where such precautions were ridiculous. That was back in the days of hijacking where you might end up in Cuba.

Then came 9/11 and those with the power to regulate went mad. Absolutely mad. And we allowed it. We bought in to the "keepin' us safe" mantra. Please. Come to your senses. It has gotten more and more intrusive over the years to the point where we have whole body scanners! They've already been abused, it's seldom reported but it is reported. In one instance it was among TSA employees with one of their own, belittling a man's lack. Nice huh? These are the same people who have the right to give you a pat down.

I'm funny about who touches me and where. It does not include a total stranger at an airport from random selection. Can it get worse? You bet.

"Big Sis" is experimenting with the ultimate insult in Boston. Screeners can now do a slide down of your body with their palms down including your private areas. An "enhanced pat down" they call it.

I'm sorry. I do not believe that under any circumstance this is necessary. Whoever the Neanderthals are that made this legal in order for people to fly should have to experience it themselves. That includes everyone from "Big Sis" Napolitano to Nancy Pelosi. Can you imagine Pelosi taking it? From Harry Reid to Barack and Michelle Obama.

I don't know what can be done, but it's really time for the American people to say "Enough! We'll take our chances." No more removing shoes, no more having your luggage rummaged through and items that don't fit ridiculous specifications confiscated. No more items from your luggage stolen. No more luggage that never catches up with you. No more pat downs nor full body scans.

I want to be free again. Like it was when flying was fun and people wanted to do it. To travel and explore far away places without having to spend extra hours, hours, being manhandled by strangers who seem unable to use the tools they've been given in the first place. Instead of adding more, just stop.


Margie's Musings said...

I quit flying when all this nonsense began.

Word Tosser said...

Now they want to charge $19.95 more for the first 4 or is it 8 seats in the coach area....

So that is why Ken and I have decided to drive when we travel next year... it will take longer...but what the heck, I have more time than money anyway.

And the airlines wonder why we don't want to fly anymore..

Steve said...

1. The government implements new intrusive measures in the name of "national security."

2. You complain about violations of constitutional rights.

3. The government arrests you on suspicion of being a threat to national security.

4. As a presumed terrorist, you have no constitutional rights and thus cannot petition to the courts for a review of whether or not your now non-existant rights have been violated.

5. The government uses your arrest as an excuse to "tighten security."

6. Go to step 1.

We are very rapidly approaching an America where we have rights only on the condition that we make no effort to exercise those rights.

cconz said...

I detest flying!! Not flying really but, AIRPORTS> Amtack sounds pretty good and driving.