Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Manner Of Candidate Have We Chosen?

As you may know, I've become intrigued with The Modern Whig Party. Reviewing the current batch of primary results is the reason why. I don't think we have a clue as to who or what we've elected just to boot out the incumbents.

John McCain we of course know. He won. But it's $20,000,000 later! Look at some of the other's who have prevailed. Rand Paul, a Tea Party favorite in Kentucky. My assessment of him is that he's a bit odd. The same goes for the very unlikely Alvin Greene from South Carolina. Where did he come from? What do either of them stand for - or against?

There's the race in Alaska where incumbent and no friend of Palin, Lisa Murkowski, is on the ropes against a total newcomer, attorney Joe Miller. Some have had Palin and Tea Party backing, some not, but all are enigmas!

Let's look at the Tea Party types. You don't know from state to state exactly what it is they stand for. No sure bet there. Then there are the Parties themselves. In my state, Idaho, Palin endorsed and the party chose one Vaughn Ward to be their boy. He lost. Raul Labrador won and is now being denied Party help because he wasn't the one the Republicans wanted. They are literally giving the seat to incumbent Walt Minnick, who is a bit of an enigma himself, being a Blue Dog.

A similar situation has occurred in Washington for Cathie McMorris Roger's House seat. They have a "top two" primary. Rogers is Republican, the number two is Democrat yet the party is denying him help because he isn't "their boy". The whole scenario is weird.

We have a prime situation here where the Modern Whigs could make inroads. We have a member of the State House who is afoul with the law for big time tax issues. As in he doesn't pay them. He was unopposed in his primary. A shoo in. Finally a concerned citizen has thrown his hat in the ring as a write in. At least it's opposition of sorts though he hasn't a prayer of winning unless some people get behind him and get him known.

This is where the progressives have the right idea. Never let a seat go unchallenged no matter the chance of winning. If nothing more it gets a potentially good candidate exposure. It's also where the Modern Whigs could make inroads. Recruit someone to run under their banner no matter how unlikely a win. People would begin to know the name. People would begin to learn there is an alternative to just about everything that is wrong with politics as is .

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