Friday, September 17, 2010

Independents, We Have A Problem!

I've been trying to digest the results of the final round of primaries in good spirit, but I cannot do so. I'm going to step out on a limb and suggest there will be a small turnout for the fall elections even as important as they are. After all, the entire direction of the country depends on who has the power.

Why a small turn out? I don't think the moderates/independents will bother because there is no one for whom to vote. Certainly not in Delaware or Nevada. I was going to hit the theme once again about a party and a movement without leadership, but that pales when it comes to threat before those of us who look to reason and intelligent compromise.

I listened to Tea Partiers in Delaware tell how they care little that Ms. O'Donnell, their choice for Senate, is 41 years old and has absolutely no experience on which to run. None. Zip. Zero. "She's just like us", one woman actually said. It's the Sarah Palin effect. Have a bubbling, pleasing personality and nothing else matters as long as she says what you want to hear. Whew.

Should the most outlandish of the Tea Party candidates actually get elected, I see a couple of real problems. The Republican establishment will not know how to handle them. Will they caucus by themselves? Yes. They already have. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) provided the list already in the House. How many will be booted because they are incumbants is yet to be known but I have a feeling the Tea Partiers will defend them. The next question is, if their ranks increase, what will happen to the Republican caucus? Will it be inretrieveably broken?

Some where in the not too distant future the Republicans will find a leader to move into the presidential race. The Tea Partiers will not unless they are one and the same. If that's the case I forecast a loss. The independents will not support a far right conservative any more than they support the far left agenda of the current President.

Where is The Modern whig Party when we need it? Not yet ready for prime time but rather methodically laying out their ground work and recruiting.

On the other hand we have the wild and wooly Tea Partiers running rampant with no collective leadership except for the voice of Sarah Palin. The Republicans have yet to rise to the challenge. The Democrats are gloating.

What will Congress be like under this scenario? The left continuing to fight with the far left? The establishment Republicans fighting with the conservative right?

Who knows. Maybe all the in fighting will provide a do nothing Congress long enough for us to get our leadership issues figured out.

I'm one Independent who would vote for that!


Margie's Musings said...

It's a real dilemma, isn't it. The republican have no one for whom I would vote. The tea party are just a protest movement with no real power and unless this president gets on the ball and starts fulfilling some of his campaign promises, I can't vote for him either. There are no viable candidates.

Bay Views said...

As always, there will be a main stream. We'll just ahve to look hard to find it. The party has shifted left and right and eventually either shoots itself in the foot, (MOST OF THE TIME)or finds a new level. The last time that happened was the election of Ronald Reagan.

Word Tosser said...

I see a big turn out this election.. you know all the tea party people will gather at the polls, and all those who were at Beck's bash... is only a small part of the people out there who claim to be in the tea party... So I see them out in full force.
The Democrats well, it depends on if they get scared before Nov. If not, they might still be in the lacks mode they are in now... and figure they have it in the pun meant.. And if the Tea baggers get in? well, then we have either a Republican party eating their young or.. if they feel they are out numbered.. they will join them.. just like the reversal in hours after the Delware election... where they spout off they did not support her and she wasn't getting any of their money.. mere hours later... here is $250,000 and let us know if you need more.
It is going to be interesting and scary to see what happens in Nov. And hopefully you are right that they will be so busy fighting each other, Congress will get nothing done.