Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Messianics Among Us

I had to chuckle when I read where Kathleen Parker described Glenn Beck as messianic. She was equating him to the typical recovering alcoholic, which he freely admits. I put it in terms I'm more familiar with. There's nothing worse than a reformed drunk. Or a successful dieter. Having been neither, I can't speak with any authority except to look around me at the people who strike me as similar to Beck.

How many time have you hear Obama described as messianic, or the anointed one. It's manner. Is it good or bad? If you like him you probably think of him a s regal. If you don't you probably think of him as arrogant. Messianic? That denotes passion and I haven't seen him portray any of that since the campaign.

Let's look at Beck's peers however. Here's my short list of messianics. Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Beck and Keith Olbermann. Beck has the oratory of an evangelist, the other two strike me as little more than pompous.

Then there are the wannabes. Chris Matthews and Sean Hannity top that list. I'm not sure which is lighter in the gray matter. My guess it's Hannity. Deciphering their babble makes it difficult. They both talk over their guests way too much adding nothing.

There are dozens of also rans like Greta and Laura. Lightweights in comparison.

Do you learn anything from any of them? Mostly what not to take to heart.

I'm sure there are others and oddly enough there are actually some pretty good pundits on both sides of the fence. The problem is they can barely be heard above the din the others make.

Obama, I'm sorry to say, does not live up to bombastic expectations. It's a shame however, that young man in the fiery chariot leading us to hope and change during the campaign seems to have relinquished it to squeakier wheels!


marlu said...

I was thinking they called him
"no drama Obama" during the campaign.
I don't think it's in his gene pool to really be bombastic.
It amazes me how the talking heads find fault with everything he says.
Also, agree with you about Matthews and Hannity. . .ask the question and then SHUT UP.

Word Tosser said...

I thought Parker hit pretty close to spot on... as that was the take when I watched about 2 minutes of it. (my husband was switching thru channels, and that is all I could stand before gag reflex hit).
Oh, you forgot on your list...
Nothing is worse than a reborn
Christian.... and it seems Mr.
Beck must be one... I was amazed to see so mamy people... guess we aren't as broke as they say, if they can fly/drive there for that.

Dogwalk said...

Actually Beck is Mormon.

Margie's Musings said...

Mormons consider themselves to be Christian. I disagree but they do consider themselves to be Christian. I have attended their services a couple of times and all they talk about is Joseph Smith.

Space Lady said...

It is difficult to hear anything over the threats, warnings and otherwise clarion cries of the Right. They chose sides well, didn't they? Right is right? Anyway, I pick a party, when I must vote. Otherwise, I am just plain Skeptical.