Monday, October 04, 2010

Political Courage Or Lack Thereof?

One of the things that irritates me most about politicians is how they dance around simple questions. Direct answers are not in their mindset. Heaven knows they wouldn't want to have any convictions that voters might disagree with. But what if they do agree? The candidates will never know!

This wouldn't be why they are so ineffectual and we are so frustrated would it?

In this morning's paper there was an article about just that. An organization known as Project Vote Smart has for years prepared a questionnaire called the Political Courage Test . Started in 1992, it is a non-partisan research organization designed to give voters straight forward answers, yes or no, to the major issues of the day. You can't get much more straight forward than yes or no!

Over the years fewer and fewer candidates, even after cajoling and repeated reminders, answer. They are told by all their "advisers" that the opposition could use it against them. Well, if they believe in it so what? Isn't that the problem?

In our state, Idaho, neither candidate for the House took the test. Answers as to why are lame. For instance, a candidate spokesman described the questionnaire as no more than a series of pledges and the candidate does not sign pledges.

Of course that raised my curiosity so I went to the website and found the questions. As I said before, they require yes and no answers. The candidate is one who I had up to this point supported. Now I'm wondering. Follow the link and read the questions. They don't strike me as being pledges. Opinions, yes. Beliefs, yes, but pledges no.

If the politicians look at the questions as such, however, perhaps it's time they actually take the "pledge" and answer the questions!

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