Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Who's Wearing Sheep's Clothing?

More and more often we who live here find publications discovering this pretty little town by the lake. It makes the people swell with community pride, never mind the local controversies I no longer write about.

We have our local celebrity element. Dennis Franz from NYPD Blue, Patty Duke, Ellen Travolta and husband Jack Bannon. They seem to keep pretty much to themselves other than making the local theater scene vibrant.

We have a hamburger joint that keeps getting accolades and Guy Fieri of Diners, Drive Ins and Dives has discovered the area.

That's the good part.

We had another good guy in town last night for a speaking engagement. The infamous sheriff from Phoenix, Joe Arpaio. Though extremely controversial, I admire his no nonsense approach to law and order ~ and illegal immigration. Why here? Idaho is a long way from the Mexican border but some of our southern cities are part of the drug pipeline coming out of Mexico and there are a lot of migrant workers in the agricultural area who may or may not have their green cards. So what happens in Arizona has an effect on what happens here. This man I welcome.

On the other hand, another group is going to pay us a visit. Pastor Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church. I have trouble writing pastor and church when speaking about this man and his following of hate mongers.

Most noted for disrupting military funerals, he's here on another mission. To go after gays.

The local community college is staging The Laramie Project which depicts how the brutal beating and consequent death of student Matthew Shepard has affected the community of Laramie, Wyoming. They intend to protest at one of the performances.

What's even worse is they intend to pay a visit to some local high schools which happen to have organizations that support gay students. How foul can you get? Kids. Kids of high school age have enough trouble searching for their identities. Those who are gay have another set of issues piled on top. The last thing they need to sort out is why these "men of God" are calling them the most hateful things imaginable! Free speech don't you know!

The community will be ready from the teachers to the peace keepers. Hopefully the students will be too. The media should ignore them, no air time at all. No air time, no impact. But I doubt that will happen. The powers that be will consider it news.

Such hate from supposed God fearing people. You know, if there is a God , they well should fear Him!

There is no community pride in having been discovered by these people. They are as predatory as wolves. No. I should give the wolves a break. These people are worse. They prey on children.


Margie's Musings said...

Don't worry. That "man of God" will die one of these days. he's 80 years old.

Word Tosser said...

I am confused about the Joe Arpaio connection... that he, who is against illegal immigrants, is here to give his backing to a lawyer running for Congress from Idaho, who is (if ads are correct) shows how the illegals can stay here. How is that compatible?

Sad news is, the WBC was given the ok by the Supreme Court for freedom of speech at funerals... It is people like this that gives Christianity a bad name... what hatred spread under the God banner.

Dogwalk said...

The ads about Labrador are incorrect. The statements were taken out of context. Minnick was ill advised to stoop to that level.

cconz said...

amen sister!!! All you hate mongers leave the kids alone.