Sunday, January 02, 2011

Political Lip Service

Here we are two days into the new year. I have a few thoughts that I should readdress in about six months to see if I'm right.

From just what I've heard on the talk shows today, I think the Republicans are going to have trouble with the Tea Partiers. Many of them have never served in public office; therefore they don't know how the game is played. For the most part I don't think they care. That could be good or bad. If they cause division within their ranks, the Republicans are sunk. It will be interesting to see if the leadership can handle them. I have my doubts.

The leadership has additional problems. The Democrats. They still hold the Senate. And Nancy Pelosi is still their leader in the house. I don't expect to see a climate of cooperation in either.

Then there is the President. He says he's willing to listen to anyone who has a good idea. The problem is is just what is a good idea? Remember the one time he sat down with Republicans during the health care debate? They came in with a slew of 'good ideas'. All of which Obama ignored. He won, as he reminded them. The definition belongs to him. I don't expect him to give much ear time to the Republicans after an initial display for the sake of public relations.

It's far too soon to even be asking whether or not Obama will be a one term President. Right now the Republicans have no one really attractive to dangle in front of us as an alternative. Those with real potential say they will not run.

The biggest worry to me is if Obama gets a second term, any move toward the center he may make now will disappear. He is not a man of the center, never has been and never will be. On that he is not evolving!

This is where we have to especially observant. If we really want the intrusion of government into our lives as has already begun, give him his second term. If we do not, we may have to swallow our distaste and vote Republican for that reason alone.

It never seems to change. Hold your nose and vote or don't vote. I wonder which choice will prevail.

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Very persceptive