Sunday, February 06, 2011

Big Sis Strikes Again!

Boy, how to take the "super" out of the Super Bowl! Yes, people attending the big game have had to endure screenings for years now, but pat downs? Is there even a hint of a threat to warrent  this?  Or is it paranoia run amok?

Consider it's going to be pushing 50 in Dallas. Having lived for a lot of years in Texas, 50 is freezing! People are going to be wearing coats over sweaters over shirts over undies. How the heck?? And how many security personnel will this exercise take? You'll have to arrive before dawn or you're likely to still be in line after the final whistle!

Also banned, among other things, are banners, noisemakers, horns...and...are you ready? Beach balls! Beach balls! Has anyone ever even thought about taking a beach ball to a football game? Not even one filled with contraband booze I would wager.

One of these days maybe we'll feel toward this insanity as the Egyptians have shown they feel toward the insanities of their government and have a protest that gets the point across. Just stop!

To make matters worse the TSA is going to be allowed to unionize. Maybe, as was suggested on one web site I was reading, we, the people should!

Enjoy the game.

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