Monday, February 07, 2011

Do YOU Hate The President?

It was a tough question to be asked of the President by Bill O'Reilly. "Does it disturb you that so many people hate you?"

The image we so often see of him, reading from his teleprompters, chin raised and seemingly looking down on us flashed through my mind. Arrogant? Maybe. Maybe not.

Having never used a teleprompter, I don't begin to understand the body language. That he does at times display a degree of arrogance, I agree. That he has a sizable ego, I agree. On both counts, what politician doesn't?

To suggest that people hate him may be a disservice. It is to me. I disagree with so many of his policies I can't begin to count them. But do I hate him? No. I don't even dislike him.

I see him with his kids and I can't. He flashes that grin and I can't. I get mad at him for being inflexible, for leaning too far left, for that arrogance but it's like getting mad at Hub.

Oh, I do. But we've this commitment you see, and we work things out. Obama is our President. We'll work things out. We always have and I suspect, on a scale far different than that of Hub and myself, we always will.

I should hope that no one in this country hates him. Like me, fiercely disagree, but hate is too strong an emotion. Too dangerous an emotion. Too exhausting an emotion. Better to be spent working toward what's right and agreeable.

Our enemies harbor enough hatred for lifetimes. Let us not be our own worst ones.


hannah said...

I agree with your view points. There are so many view points he has that I disagree with that I can't begin to count them all. However, he is a father and he seems to be a good father. Personally, I try to look at where a person comes from and how they were raised as to how high they hold their head and how they communicate. You know their "culture" that they were raised in. Looking at him, he is after all a politician, therefore, being egotistical and always trotting around on a "high-horse" is part of the job description. He was also born in a big city. Many city folk have a bigger ego or maybe they're missing the peice of their puzzle that includes humbleness. I'm from the country where most people still think Mayberry exists and Andy and Opie are just down at the pond fishing.
However, this country wasn't built in a day, nor will it fall apart in a day.

Margie's Musings said...

There's no one I hate. Hate is an emotion that eats you alive. It only hurts the person who does the hating.