Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Speaking of Rights ~ Our Animals Deserve Better

We have a lot of animal hoarding cases in this area. Maybe it's because much of it is remote and are easily overlooked. They often end up as cases of animal cruelty. What really angers me is when there are repeat offenders.

Just this past weekend animal welfare personnel responded to a complaint and found over 120 animals in dire need of attention. The number is staggering. Twenty seven goats, 15 cats, 9 guinea pigs, 6 rabbits, ducks, chickens, sheep...

A sheep had to be euthanized at the site. The cats were suffering from respiratory infections and pneumonia and had been exposed to distemper.  Many, I would suppose, will not make it.

To make matters worse, if you can imagine, 76 dead animals were found.  The owner of these poor creatures was on site when the raid occurred.  What kind of a person is she?  How could you live with 15 cats with respiratory problems and ignore it?  Because you can't afford to do anything?  Or you just don't care?

And 76 dead animals. That is just beyond my comprehension.  How they must have suffered. It's winter here.  And cold.  And wet.  Horrible.  Just horrible.

This woman.  Unbelievably she had been convicted of 13 misdemeanor charges in 2004 including five counts of animal cruelty for keeping animals in an "unsafe manner".  That time around dogs and turtle were part of the mix. There was also an illegal kennel.  So what happened to her?   Two years probation.  Probation!

Perhaps animal hoarders should have a mandatory mental evaluation before they are turned loose to do it again.  They are definitely suffering a disconnect.  It's strange, they hoard to fill some inner need, yet they abuse.  Is that the need? I'm not so sure it is, but it is too often the result.

The mother who shot her two children, currently in the news, will probably go to prison for the rest of her life at most, or be incarcerated in a mental facility at the least.  It depends on how good her attorney is.

This hoarder is  saying she will get an attorney so she can get her animals back.  She was not arrested and no citations have been issued.  She walks free.

It's criminal.  I know many people, too many, feel animals are just animals and should have lesser considerations than people.  I don't. Animals live, breath, eat, feel love when given and pain.  What they don't have is the ability to fend for themselves when we, the superior beings, choose to abuse them.

If we're not going to punish them or keep an eye on them, at least get them help.  Whether they want it or not.

It won't happen.  There isn't any money in anyone's budget for treatment.  There isn't any money in anyone's budget to keep an eye on them.

What's the answer?  Forget probation.  Go directly to jail.  The animals deserve at least that much.


Word Tosser said...

I saw that... and they interviewed her... only showing her feet!! what is with that? Afraid to show her face? And she says... I'm a good person.. how can you be.. when you have 76!!!!!76!!!! dead animials there and several more ready to join them... so bad that the Aminal protectors had to put them down? Guess she was afraid some one might recognize her in the store or where ever..

Margie's Musings said...

That's terrible! The authorities need to keep an eye on her if they aren't going to incarcerate her. Those poor animals!