Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Laying The Groundwork For Safe Haven?

A difference between the conflict in Libya and Afghanistan is that the Libyan people want our help.  The Afghans are indifferent.  The similarity is neither leader wants us anywhere near.  We've poured billions into both.

Afghanistan's Karzai, who owes his presidency to us, has made it abundantly clear he doesn't like the way we are engaging the war against the Taliban and al Qaeda.

Though no where near ready, he has now announced  plans for his security forces to take over.  It has led me to wonder; the premise being he's laying the groundwork for safe haven for the Taliban and al Qaeda in return for his piece of the pie.

Consider that the areas he is going to have his security forces take over are the ones we've secured.  He won't anger either group or the war lords at the same time presenting little risk to his forces.

He wants to curtail the work being done by both the U.S. and the United Nations.  Not that he can pick up where they've left off.  It does, however, deprive his people of whatever improvements may have been in the works and being a country living in another century, they will not miss what they do not know.

One of the areas he wants to take over is in the heart of the Taliban stronghold, therefore assuring them their sanctuary.

All of this is dependent on $6 billion in international aid to train the security force.

Add to all that the restrictions on night raids of homes suspected of sheltering militants, the constant harping on civilian casualties and the containment of the private security companies protecting supply convoys.

The final indicator is the call for the U.N. to halt it's efforts to clean up Afghanistan's less than exemplary electoral system.

Nothing Karzai has done indicates he has the best interests of his country at heart, but like most despots, it's his own and his cronies.  He just isn't strong enough to do it alone thus the alliance with the Taliban and al Qaeda, now sitting safe and sound in Pakistan.

In my perfect world we'd deal with Pakistan, an ally in name only, and leave Afghanistan telling Karzai that the minute we spot the  implementation of a training camp we're going to take it out.  And do it.  Of course that's wishful thinking.

At the very least, since we're in such dire financial straits, perhaps our whole foreign aid policy should be readdressed.  Quit turning the other cheek when those we support ignore, insult and demean us would be a start.


Betty said...

I agree with you that our whole foreign aid policy needs to be readdressed. Seems to me we wast a lot of money on countries that don'e like us and don't want to have any dealings with us unless we bribe them with what we call foreign aid.

Margie's Musings said...

That is so true, Betty!