Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meanwhile Back In Libya There Is Also Urgency

I've been having a great deal of trouble writing posts lately.  Mostly because I'm frustrated and angry about what's going on, and not, in Libya.

Now the media is focusing on the horrendous tragedy in Japan, as well it should, but what's happening in Libya should not be forgotten.

I think it unconscionable that the world body has still not made a decision to help the protesters.  Meanwhile Gadhafi is slowly but surely quashing them.  Slaughtering them.  Still the debate continues.  Should we?  Shouldn't we?

Many of the protesters have said they will die fighting for they know what fate awaits them should they be captured or surrender. It won't be wiling away years in a prison like Guantanamo.

Yawn.  Oh well.  Maybe if we wait long enough it will all go away.  Maybe next time.  Well, there are a lot of "next times" already in progress.  Every two bit dictator watching will see that he has free reign to do whatever is necessary to retain power.  I'm beating a dead horse here.  It's why I'm so tired of writing.  It isn't just us.  It's everyone.

So Hub and I are taking off for a few days.  We're weary of the winter and the grey, the news and our moods.  I expect little will have changed by the time we return for it will be but a few short days.

The situation in Japan, of course, will be with us for years to come.  What has happened to our planet as a whole with the shifts that have occurred will take scientists years to sort out.

One thing that probably did not happen with all the shaking caused by the quakes, is to shake some sense into the world leaders.  The response to the quake and tsunami is reactive.  I don't think pro-active is in our vocabulary any more.  It's a shame.  Reaction to a lot of what's happening is being over done by the media, as usual.

It reminds me of the soap As the World Turns,  I'll miss a few episodes but the storyline won't have changed.  I guess the bright side, if you could consider it that,  is I'll still have plenty of subject matter to write about without having missed a beat!

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