Monday, March 28, 2011

We've Been At War Too Long!

I know I've called for intervention in Libya.  It seemed the humanitarian thing to do and I stand by that reason.  And only that reason.  As so many have said, we're involved in too many wars as is.

It has become quite clear when we've found it necessary to dumb down the requirements for enlistees to meet our  manpower needs.  It's bound to have an effect on the caliber of person attracted to the military; how inclined they are to the discipline of training and to the discipline of battle.  It has to be tougher on the commanding officers unless they too are of lesser caliber.  That I cannot answer but I have my suspicions.

We've been witness for some time now to the tolls of deployment.  After deployment.  After deployment.  More and more are returning with mental problems.  We first saw it with the Abu Ghraib prison scandal.  It was never completely sorted out as to just who bore the responsibility.  Now it's happening again in Afghanistan where troops have laughed while killing civilians, toyed with and mutilated their corpses to the point of cutting off their fingers and using them for gaming chips.

What is happening to our young men?  They are turning into the very monsters they are supposed to be fighting.  Perhaps this is the root of everything going on in the mid-east.  Many of those country's young people have known nothing but war since they were born.  With war comes brutality and a hardening to it.  The same seems now to be happening to our soldiers. It will become more and more prevalent the longer the wars last. When all you know is war it becomes an indelible part of you.  What once horrified you becomes the norm then the entertainment.

It's a sorry statement on the state of the world and those who are leaders within it.  The world is broken and our country right along with it.  We haven't the courage of our convictions because we have no convictions.  Everything is for political expedience and the power that comes with it.

With all the technological advancements that have been made, technology that allows for someone thousands of miles away to pinpoint a target for a drone, technology that can bring war in real time into out living rooms,  is not able to do the one thing necessary for peace.   Make the lure of power secondary to the well being of the people.

The more war envelopes us the more likely we will be little more than savages among the most advanced technology known to man.

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Margie's Musings said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Mari. Just look at all the violence in our society too. We have been de-sensitized to war and violence.

At least under this president they are being prosecuted for their war crimes.

The last one wanted to cover it all up or justify it.