Thursday, April 28, 2011

Movin' On Down The Road

From Wickenberg we headed on down the road to Prescott where we tried another old hotel, the Hassayampa.  Sometimes, we're finding, the people who buy and refurbish these wonderful old places should also budget for some hospitality experts to get them on the right foot.  Enough said?

The next morning we were in Sedona way too early to visit our friends at Garlands so we headed on to Flagstaff to see the show at the Museum of Northern Arizona. Afterwards, while browsing in the gift shop we bumped into Jesse Monogye, one of the premier Navajo/Hopi jewelers.

Years ago, when we first began serious collecting we met Jesse at his soon-to-be mother-in-law's gallery in Scottsdale during a gathering of Indian artists for a book signing and show.  It was one of those wonderful events you never forget especially when you're among the favored guests.  We had flown in from Los Angeles, they were friends.

Hub bought me some of what was then an up and comers work.  In return I asked Jesse if he'd make Hub a pair of cuff links using his signature bear motif.  He did.  Hub was his first cuff link client and poor Jesse nearly went blind.  We've seen him at shows over the years but never really had a chance to visit so this was special. When we parted he put his hand on my shoulder and said, "This has been great.  I think it was meant to be."  Indeed.

Onward through Hopi land to the Tsakurshovi trading post.  Walking in, the owner Joseph Day, said, "I know you!"  I answered, "Yes, you do!"  And we were off.  We poked and talked and poked some more.  When he found Hub had a new camera he wanted to try out, he pulled out his Indian country maps and the two men spent the next hour hunkered over a counter  highlighting places Joseph knew well and we need to find.  I spent the time talking with one of his helpers who is trying to bring glass art to the Hopi.  He got hooked after a visit to the Steuben plant in Corning New York and has been pursuing it ever since.

I must tell you, these people are all so interesting and sharing and friendly.   They've added a personal touch to our collecting that makes it so much more than merely buying objects with which to adorn a wall or shelf ~ or me! It's no wonder we keep repeating our steps.

We meandered through a sand storm to Gallup and gave it up for the night.  The winds were horrible the whole trip but I've no complaint considering what people in the Southeast and Midwest are suffering through!

Since I seem to have come home with a cold and have had better days, I'll save Santa Fe and Cimarron for tomorrow.  I'm really not very good at these travelogues.  Just like Facebook.  Who other than us cares?  It's just a change of pace until I get geared up again.


Word Tosser said...

I care.... I get to see these places thru your eyes... so keep it up... with gas prices, we probably never get to go there..

Margie's Musings said...

I know I'll never get to go so continue with your travelogue. My son was married in Sedona last Friday.