Sunday, April 03, 2011

Terry Jones Is A Very Lucky Man

Back in March when I first heard that Reverend Terry Jones finally got the Koran burned, I knew word would get out and no good would come of it.  I hope he is pleased with himself and can live with the fact that people who are not even Americans died for his action.

I really do not understand how, in this particular case, the people of Afghanistan, think.  They seem to be the ones rioting and slaying over Reverend Jones's action.  Not having any Americans handy they went after the UN who is in their country to do nothing but help.  Some thanks.

As of today, I've not heard of rioting in any other part of the Muslim world.  Of course that could be they are too busy with the myriad of civil wars being fought. More important is that I've not seen nor heard anything from the American Muslims.   They have every right to be offended.  What puzzles me is two fold.  One that they have said nothing about the Reverend Jones and two, they have said nothing about the rioting in Afghanistan.  The silence is deafening.

It goes back to the question about where are the moderate Muslims.  Why are they not speaking out or is the media just not covering it?  It it the fear factor.  The fear of what will happen from the extremist fringe within their own community and/or fear of what non-Muslim reaction would be.

It must be a very frustrating way to live, not knowing which "enemy" is the worst.  That they have not fought fire with fire in this country, where the desecration took place, is to be commended.  One day, however, one of these men of "God", be it Jones or the Westboro Baptist Church crowd or someone of their ilk, is going to push the envelope too far and even the most constrained of us is going to say enough is enough.

If that happens it will be a god awful mess no matter what god is worshipped.

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cconz said...

I've been absent for awhile, so, in checking up on my blogger friends, it's good to see your posts are pretty right on! I don't agree with everything, but, that makes things more interesting. I still say RELIGION is still the root of most evil.