Friday, May 13, 2011

Is The White House Crumbling Before Our Eyes?

I'm really beginning to get concerned about our country.  The last couple of years have proven that the White House is no place for the inexperienced.  The concern is they don't seem to be able to get a handle on it.

It began with the "apology tour" just after Obama took office.  Then came running roughshod over the wishes of the country by passing Obama care.  The non-response to revolt in Iran.  Escalation of the Afghanistan war without a strategy.  Over reach by the TSA. Now the non-mission in Libya becoming open ended.

Yet the best that's coming from the White House is sarcasm against the opposition.  No plans of its own,  just derision of what others would do.

We don't revolt the way other countries do.  Yet.  We do, however, revolt never-the-less.  Arizona passing it's own immigration law.  States challenging the constitutionality of Obama care and now the Texas  House passing a bill banning offensive security pat downs.

I could go on and on but you get the picture.  You know there's trouble when this White House turns against the press and vice versa.The press took an empty suit, filled it with what it wanted, plumped it up and made this President.

Today the cameras were turned off during the press briefing.  What's that all about?  Because the press secretary didn't want to address the fact that George Mitchell, our senior Middle East negotiator, is resigning effective May 20?  Or that  Defense Secretary Gates, who is also leaving, is upset that the White House broke their word to keep things quiet as to how the bin Laden raid went down?  Heck, all the administration has done since is strut around with puffed up chests bragging about what they've done, what they've found and maybe more importantly what they haven't!

Well, just what is that?  They won't show proof positive of bin Laden's death but the Chinese have had a look at that tail piece from the stealth helicopter and the Navy Seals involved in the raid are now revealing that they have concerns regarding the safety of their families.

All the while the President is ramping up his campaign by holding potential government contractors feet to the fire by requiring revelation of  where their campaign contributions were directed.  This isn't winning support for good policy.  It's intimidation.

Governing this country is a huge job. We need someone in the top job who knows how to run something! Someone who will bring in people with experience in the areas they are asked to oversee, not political and personal cronies.

Playing catch up isn't what this country does best.  Leading is what it does best.  So we'd better get some leaders in place before we become like Greece with everything from our monuments to our society in ruins.

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