Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Obama Could Be Handling bin Laden Better

The moment for high fives and congratulations over the slaying of Osama bin Laden lasted about as long as it took the news to get out.  It is now a mess of misinformation, information denied and campaign photo ops.

I'd like to make a point or two, considering I've been away from political commenting for a couple of weeks and the cold/flu that still plagues me tests my patience.  That being said, I congratulate the President for having finally made a decision and the right one.  Had he let bin Laden slither away on his watch he'd have been toast.  He may still be by the way the aftermath is going.

Obama is doing little to dispel his reputation for being less than transparent with the public.  Of all Presidents to decide not to release a photograph showing bin Laden dead this should not be the one.  The one who wouldn't produce his own birth certificate, for heavens sake.  Nor his university transcripts.  People doubt his truthfulness on a lot of matters because of these basically inconsequential bouts of stubbornness.  Just release them.  If they show he's less of scholar than we've been lead to believe, who will be surprised?

The other side of the equation is arrogance.  He assures us there is enough evidence that proves bin Laden is dead without showing a photo.  Why spike the ball?  Because people doubt you actually scored in the first place.  Your word isn't good enough.  I'm sorry.  It just isn't.  To a whole lot of the world.  And the frenzy has already begun.

You don't want to stir Muslim sensitivities?  You invaded a private compound without informing the host country, wounded several including your target's wife, killed him under ever questionable circumstances and whisked away the body.  I think that may have already riled the sensitivities of those Muslims who care!

Not that I think what was done was wrong.  It seems to me the manner of the undertaking and the end result, in a time of war against the brain child of this man, was the only logical solution.

But quit playing with the dirty pictures.  Some members of Congress have seen them.  Select members of of the 9/11 families will be allowed to view them.  We should all be allowed to view them should we so desire.  They cannot be any more gruesome than those already out "there" that have been photo shopped!  If you're worried about a photo inflaming sensitivities, how are you going to explain away the fake ones?

Quit playing games, for that's what's being done.  "I've got pictures but you can't see them. "  I've got pictures, shhhh, I'll show them to you if you promise not to tell!

The 9/11 families are seeking closure.  I've got news for you sir.  We are all seeking closure because 9/11 altered all  our lives forever.  Not only those who lost loved ones that day but think of our military families who've lost loved ones over the 10 years we've spent hunting this ******* down!

You, Mr. President, are only a small part of the 9/11 equation. The entire world owns  a share of it from foreign nationals who died that day to the countries who allied with us in the hunt.
Put the pictures out there.  You may find a dead bin Laden generates far fewer hurt sensitivities than a cartoon of Muhammad .

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Margie's Musings said...

Personally, I think we should have captured him...not killed him. Why compound the violence?

If we are seeking to be peacemakers, killing another person is not the way to show it. The man was not even armed.