Monday, May 16, 2011

Why Are The Republicans Self-Destructing?

It's a cold, rainy, miserable day.  Coffee didn't even get me started this morning so I spent most of it watching news instead of doing housework.  The big news on the political front is that The Donald has given up his Presidential ambitions. Ho hum.

Mike Huckabee, the most likable of the lot, has also wisely chosen to bow out as has Haley Barbour.

It's hard to believe, with Obama as weak as he is in the polls, the Republicans can do no better than their present field.  This is an old photo of most of them including a few surprises.  Here's my assessment.

First we'll eliminate John Thune, Rudy and Sarah.  I don't believe they are going to run.  Rudy?? How did he even get in there?  John Thune?  He's about as obscure as his state.  South Dakota. I hadn't heard he was even considering a run. Sarah's poll numbers have tanked but expect her to try to be a power player.

The question marks.   Michele Bachmann has had too many geographical bloopers and is too tea party oriented to get the support needed.  Mitch Daniels is still waiting for his wife's approval.  Does that bode well? Jon Huntsman has the same problem as Mitt; he's Mormon.

So, who's left.  Herman Cain, a non-politician.  He's interesting, but again, I doubt he can muster enough support.  Newt might as well be a Democrat with the stands he's taking.  I don't see him bringing anything fresh to the table, but he'll show it in a very articulate manner.  Ron Paul is Ron Paul.  Tim Pawlenty hasn't shown the fire to get people enthused.  Mitt is still Mormon and still hasn't caught on.  He'll just spend more of his kid's inheritance.  He'd be better as an advisor to a more viable candidate.  Whoops.  There isn't one!  Rick Santorum is leaning too heavily on social issues which will turn off a lot of voters.

None of them have learned how to hit the ignition! Those who have aren't running.  Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie to name a few.

Here we have a President who is having trouble getting his poll numbers out of the 40s.  His foreign policy is a mess as well as the economic station of this country.  Beating him should be a slam dunk yet this is the best the Republicans can pull together?

I realize that in running for office your personal life becomes an open book along with all your family and friends.  Many don't wish it upon themselves or their loved ones and it's understandable.  Yet someone must lead.  Someone must have the fervor of patriotism burning within them enough to go for it.  Fervor.  We need fervor.  For the sake of the country.

Or have we, the people who vote them into office, made it so demeaning that they prefer to stay in the private sector.  We've made politicians pop stars and celebrities via C-Span.  They hog the camera given the chance and pontificate pointlessly at hearings. They've become more interested in running for office than serving in office.

We've created the monster that now governs us, we're the ones that are going to have to slay it.  But how can we when the people running don't act like they really want to and those few who do we don't want.

It could be considered entertaining but is it tragedy or comedy?  Neither is a good choice.


Dick Klade said...

No one comments on your posts. Do you have any readers?

Dogwalk said...

Actually I do have readers and some comment frequently. However, they tend not to when they disagree with me which is often. Lol.

May I ask why you ask?

Word Tosser said...

and some of us don't comment because we agree with you... and feel you said it so well.

Margie's Musings said...

I comment often and seldom agree with Mari. Yes, I enjoy her posts and enjoy knowing her through this medium.

See..I think the president is doing a great job.. considering the issues he has to deal with...a terrible economy and two wars....issues left for him to solve by the previous president.

Yet I enjoy these opinions she brings to the table.

Dogwalk said...

Ah, my two most reliable regulars. Thank you ladies.

Margie's Musings said...

You bet, Mari!! We love your posts. We don't always have to agree with you but you are certainly entitled to your opinions...and they are always thought provoking ones!