Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not China Too! There's A Lesson Here

One has to wonder about a country that builds a wall like the Great Wall of China.  Was it to keep the people in or the enemy out?  By today's standards, it would definitely be to keep the people in.

A story in this morning's  Wall Street Journal tells of a great wave of unrest that is spreading across the country.  The public unrest is stemming from economic and government grievances.  Sound familiar?

Consider the Arab Spring ranging from Syria to Egypt.  Both are huge hunks of real estate with inhabitants in turmoil.

Like the Arab countries, we've been harping at the Chinese about their human rights record for what seems like forever.  And for just as long they tell us "don't go there" - so we don't.  Well, the people have finally taken it upon themselves to deal with it.  The interesting thing in China is that the unrest does not seem to be organized, it's just happening and spreading.

With campaign season already upon us in this country, politicians take note.  Right now especially Obama and the Democrats who want as much government control over us as is possible.  When we rebel, someone gets punished.  Like Boeing trying to move a plant to South Carolina, a right to work state which the unions do not like one little bit and are doing everything possible to block.  Oh, if all those potential hires wanted to join unions there would be no problem. Unions.  Obama's favorite support group.  Financial support that is.  For his campaign.

When James Carville, one of the Democrats own, warns that civil unrest is imminently possible if our economic situation doesn't improve, one has to wonder. I think we've learned since the last two years of Bush's term having both houses of Congress held by one party and the presidency the other, negates progress and civil debate.  With Obama in office and the same party in the same place for the past two years has seen any semblance of balance - and civil debate disappear.  The ideologues worked the system against the will of the people.

If that doesn't change and there are more things like Obamamobiles and Obamacare shoved down our throats while jobs and opportunity remain in a drought, there may well be civil unrest.

We need balance.  Enough of both parties in both houses to make debate and compromise not only possible but mandatory.  And we need a President who wants to reinstate this country into the leadership role it has always held.  Not content to go along to get along, just be one of the boys.

Unrest in China.  If you think the Mid East unrest is ugly, wait until China unleashes its army against its own people.  The thought that it could happen here for the same reasons is about as sobering as it gets.


Margie's Musings said...

With us being China's largest debtor, we'd better watch out how we approach their crisis...if it becomes a crisis. They may call in our debt.

The New Social Misanthrope said...

"Obama and the Democrats who want as much government control over us as is possible." You mean unlike Republican mayor Bloomberg of N.Y.?