Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why Politics Make Me Crazy

Take the debt ceiling argument.  Both sides need to get real.  I had to agree with the President when he admonished Congress for being away on recess too much of the time.  Of course he's out and about campaigning much of the time too.

Then there is the Republicans refusing to raise the debt ceiling without concessions from the Democrats, like no tax increases.  They say it's what the people want.  Well, I'm a people and it isn't what I want.

They're listening too much to the Tea Party activists rather than the principles of the Tea Party movement.  And they're listening to their inner need to remain in Congress because they've never had it so good.

The Dems are putting out too much inaccurate information.  The world is not going to end as we know it on August 21 as the Secretary of the Treasury would have us believe.  And people making over $250,000 a year are not necessarily the corporate jet set.

If I were the one in charge, I'd throw it back on the Congress.  One, they hold the purse strings and they passed everything they are now belly aching about being too costly.  Okay guys and gals.  They're your programs.  Agree among yourselves which ones to cut! Bet you can't agree on even one, but try.  How about starting with farm subsidies.  No more paying farmers not to grow certain crops!  No more to grow corn for ethanol which is the ruination of many an engine!  How about eliminating entitlements, formerly known as pork.  No more bike paths in Nancy Pelosi's district.  No more bridges to no where.

Remember too, no matter what this Congress does, the next one will not be held to it.  With that in mind, anything and everything is ripe for reversal.

My guess?  The debt ceiling will be raised.  Somewhere along the line taxes will be increased.  It's how government is funded.  Cuts in spending will be token.  And the Congress will go right on creating and funding programs we can well do without.  It's the nature of the beast.

I had high hopes when the Republicans won the House.  Hope that they would bring some balance to the debate. I forgot 'hope' was an Obamaism.  I forgot there is no debate.  There is no balance and never will be as long as the people we elect become slaves to special interests to keep their jobs. This is an indictment of both parties.  They share in it equally.

Did Lincoln abolish slavery?  Only one kind, my friends. Only one kind.

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Margie's Musings said...

I couldn't agree with you more Msri. You are right on the money.

By the time the really rich take all their deductions they pay about 15% capital gain taxes. They really don't have an "income tax".

They move their offices overseas to some place like Holland where the tax rate is 11% and set up a receptionist there to make it "legal" and then their actual business goes on somewhere in New York or Houston. That is not their fair share.

They need to check out what their tax rate was under Reagan. They'd be amazed.