Monday, July 25, 2011

Blog Fest 2011

When you've been part of a community of bloggers for better than five years you see just about everything in the way of disparate personalities.  Such is the case here in Coeur d'Alene where 'family squabbles' have been plenty throughout the years.  Yet once a year most of us put those differences aside and gather at the annual blog fest to greet old friends and make new ones.

Why, some have even gotten to the point where they dress alike, or is it that blogger Herb Huseland so admires Huckleberries blog host Dave Oliveria he wants to emulate him in every way!  This wasn't Dave's choice for the photo of the festivities but it certainly is mine!

There were a lot of new faces this year, and names I was unfamiliar with, because as in all things, the format is an ever evolving one.  There are those of us who mostly blog.  There are those that both blog and comment on Dave's blog and there are those who mostly just comment.  Yet we all have the one thing in common that binds us together, Huckleberries Online .  It has been quite a ride over the years.  I've met people and been involved in so many things that would not have been possible without Huckleberries and Dave opening doors.

I hope his success and longevity continue, because whether or not I comment, his site is like the barbecue offered up for the feed.  Once you get a taste of it, it's hard to stay away.

Far better photos can be found through links on Huckleberries but here a few of my own.


I think I have the only video however.  You want to know what a blogger is?  Take a look then describe what you saw!  Good luck with that!

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Beth Bollinger said...

Great to see you! It was a fun event.