Friday, July 29, 2011

The Country Held Hostage By One Special Interest

I'm shaking my head in bemusement as I write this. The mainstream Republican plan for getting the country out of it's financial crisis is flawed to say the least.  Better plans have been sabotaged by all sides.  Speaker Boehner could not gather the votes to pass it last night so he tweaked it today.

He added a provision that would insist on a balanced budget amendment.  It won't pass the Senate.  It's not a good idea anyway unless it makes provision for unexpected happenings like another Katrina or another Iraq or Afghanistan.  More off the books budgeting?  And what is gained?

What really makes me angry, however, is that through the past several weeks the country, no the world, has been waiting and watching to see how this little drama is going to play out.  We still don't know.  But the idea that the Club for Growth with their threats toward Tea Partiers could hold intelligent compromise hostage for an ideal that cannot be passed just baffles me.

Last night the shoe seemed on the other foot.  Tea Partier after Tea Partier appeared on camera declaring their fidelity to a plan not even on paper, not caring whether or not they were re-elected.  If true how come the Club for Growth has so much sway?  Oh my, you don't suppose there might be a tad of hypocrisy going around do you?

These who wouldn't budge because they were doing the 'peoples' bidding.  Oh?  It doesn't sound that way to me.  I don't think they are sure what they stand for but as long as their jobs are secure I don't think they care.

There's something to be said for new blood to elicit change but not when it comes to sacrificing the country in a pig headed manner, knowing full well they aren't going to win the war.  That will come later this weekend, hopefully, when the leaders of both houses sit down and hammer out the details of a compromise.

Last night one commentator remarked that the Republicans had become slaves of their own rituals.  It sounds like some spooky religion, doesn't it?  Who ever thought the sacrifice they'd offer up to those gods of rituals would be the fiscal stability and reputation of a nation.
Our nation.  And theirs.


Margie's Musings said...

I heard Bill Clinton say he wouldn't hesitate to invoke the 14th amendment and raise the debt limit himself. That might be political suicide for President Obama though. They would for sure use it against him in the 2012 elections.

GG said...

I feel this morning that we seniors have been sold out by "compromise". We are asked to compromise our very existence. What have the republicans and the tea party compromised? Someone please tell me.