Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The President's Mirror On The Wall

The debt ceiling has been raised.  What that means is the government is now able to spend more money.  Yet the country's unemployment rate still hovers just under 10%.  Future prospects remain dismal.

So what does the President do to empathize with the people he governs?  Throws a birthday bash where it costs ten grand to have a picture taken with him and over thirty five thousand to gain entry to the dinner.  Just one of many celebrations to be held around the country hosted by various insiders.  Of course it's a campaign event.  So why the heck would he want to burden the rich with more taxes?  It would mean less for him.

Him.  Him.  Him.  It's always him.  I used to think he was just uninformed when it comes to matters of protocol.  That he has a tin ear.  Returning the bust of Churchill to the Brits the day he took office.  Giving the Queen an i-Pod filled with his own speeches.  Bowing to every world leader who lacks the stature to deserve it.  Never mind that we bow to no one.

If you love the guy it makes no matter.  But one does at times wonder why he won't release his college transcripts, or the flap over his birth certificate.  If it was by design to add to the aura of mystery.  There has to be some reason why he is referred to as the 'Sun King' or the 'Annoited One' even though it's by his detractors.  It alludes to ego and arrogance.

Then I cam across an article by  Israeli psychologist Sam Vaknin who suggests Obama may have narcissistic tendencies if he isn't an outright narcissist.  Dr. Vaknin is considered an expert on personality disorders  in general and  Narcissistic Personality Disorder in particular.

If you sometimes wonder what makes our President tick, this is an interesting read and explains a lot.  It may also explain the way Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu reacts to him since it is his fellow countryman who has noted the parallels.

Many of you will totally disregard this premise, others might see a glimmer of truth in it. I found the parallels interesting and food for thought.


Margie's Musings said...

Raising the debt ceiling only enables us to pay the bills we've already contracted for.

And as far as the president's birthday is concerned, why not use it for campaign funding. Other presidents have done similar fundraisers.

President Obama is no more narcissist then anyone else. He is the president, after all. That draws a certain amount of publicity.

I'm not completely sold on him myself but unless another viable candidate comes around, I will probably vote for him in 2012.

Grammyof13 said...

Girl you speak my language some days!! right on...