Monday, September 19, 2011

The Four Horesemen Of Our Apocalypse?

Remember back a couple of years when Honduran Manuel Zelaya tried to get re-elected by ignoring their constitution?  He was turned out by their supreme court and escorted out of the country by the military.  Oddly, though knowing how corrupt he was, our government insisted it had been a military coup and demanded his reinstatement.  To no avail I might add.  Right was on the Hondurans side.

Even stranger, we've never come off that stand and Zelaya is now back in Honduras and with the help of his brothers in corruption, no doubt, is jockeying for a return to power.  Like Qaddafi, he has his loyalists.

If for no other reason, having Hillary as Secretary of State may be good to the point that women tend to be better at multi-tasking than men.  With everything going on in the middle east and other worldly hot spots, this one may deserve a giant portion of our attention.  Because of its proximity and because it's happening again!

This time in Nicaragua .  Daniel Ortega, another longtime enemy of the United States, is going to run for another term as President in clear violation of their constitution.  One wonders where we'll stand on this one if the opposition should prevail!

Mr. Ortega, along with Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, are big buddies with Iran's Ahmadinejad.  I can't help but wonder what they chit chat about when they get together for cocktails.  You can bet it isn't about how wonderful America is and wishing they could be just like us!

It's a frightening scenario.  With Cuba within shouting distance and the others not much further.  With Iran's nuclear ambitions that we clearly are unable to curtail, fueled by Venezuela's oil money and willing compatriots in the hood, we've much to be concerned about.

I'd like to think our State department and the administration have a handle on this even though we hear little about it.  But I don't.  I don't think our President has any interest in foreign policy nor the ability to oversee it.  It's a necessary nuisance, getting in the way of his troubled domestic agenda.

Maybe it's time for him to listen to those beginning to call for him to give up on a second term.  Those in his own party though what the far left want of him is even worse than what we're now enduring.

Someone I was talking politics with recently likened the country's current situation to the perfect storm.  Everything bad is converging in one spot at one time.  We know how that ends.

Between the world's economic crisis, the ever spreading wars,  a frustrated, underemployed, under housed populace and a government in Washington that can neither lead nor legislate, we've never been at a lower ebb.

I'm worried, really worried about our country and the world.  A nuclear holocaust isn't as far removed from reality as it once was.

We need new people in Washington.  We need people savvy about the ways of the world, not detached.  We need people worried about the world, as well as our country, over and above their personal ideology.

If we don't elect such people these four power hungry, corrupt men, right under our nose, may just make it moot.  They have nothing to lose, it's their way.  We have everything to lose because it has never been ours.


Bay Views said...

Well said.

Word Tosser said...

very well said...
But the elephant in the room is WHO? NEITHER Party has anyone worth looking at once, never mind twice..