Friday, September 09, 2011

Watching A Presidency Crumble

I had hoped for more from the President last evening.  I think most Americans did.  He succeeded in the one thing at which he excels. The ability to scold and veil threats.

Also to leave out substance.  It doesn't take a student of politics to know that short term fixes are not the way to generate confidence.  It leaves nothing more than the uncertainty employers and lenders already have, not to mention the rest of us in dire straits.   There was no talk of eliminating crippling regulations or making changes in the taxing structure permanent, or at least long term.

An admonishment of the union thugs in Washington state cutting brake lines and ruining cargo would have been nice.  An admonishment of Jimmy Hoffa's rhetoric toward the Tea Party would have been nice too.  But no.  He just pointed his finger at Congress.  True, they are culpable, both parties, yet he refused to acknowledge his lack of leadership as part of the problem.

One thing I have to give him and his like minded cohorts credit for, if credit is the word.  They truly think their way is the right way.  Why else would they cling to an ideology that has been proven, time after time after time, not to work?

If the Republicans get their act together and actually nominate someone who can beat Mr. Obama, I will in a very sincere way, be sad.  I believed Obama to be one of the best and the brightest of his generation regardless of race.  I didn't ask enough questions nor probe more deeply.  It was a disservice to him.  We voters elevated him, in our dreams, above his level of competence.  We've gotten in return a portrait of bull headedness and naievity that has had no equal in Presidential politics in recent times.

What's even more sad is that the Republicans seem to have taken little from the lesson in front of us.  The right wing ideologues are holding the party hostage to a one sided dialog with no wiggle room.

Someone needs to break free, someone who we can have faith in because they have an actual record, someone who will tell it like it is and let the consequences fall where they may.

Actually there are those trying to do so.  The media is paying them little if any mind.  Why are we allowing them to dictate the terms?  They too are holding us hostage to their ideology.

If it works we'll be seen as a nation of sheep without a shepard.  Talk about the fleecing of America!

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Margie's Musings said...

I haven't seen a candidate I could support. If no one emerges, I will vote for Obama again.

None of the Republicans has substance.