Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beating A Dead Horse

Gadhafi was a monster, pure and simple.  He was responsible for untold atrocities against his own people.  Some say he was stark raving mad.  Could be.  It could also be a lame attempt to lay blame on illness rather than character.

Now he's dead.  Good riddance though who knows what sort of government will take his place.  For the sake of the people of Libya I hope it's a fair and just one.  I doubt it will be what we would like, but the choice belongs to the people of Libya.

Just as did the uprising that deposed him.  The people began it with a citizen protest.  NATO entered the frey reluctantly and the U.S. even more so.  Others stayed away all together.

So why are we bothering to posture at this point as to how he died and if it was "legal".  Legal?  Was what he did to his people legal?

Putin, that champion of human rights, has entered his protest as to the means of his demise.  Now Hillary Clinton  says she supports a UN proposal to investigate Gadhafi's death so a "democratic Libya" can begin with the rule of law and accountability.  Please.

You've seen the video of his last moments, right?  His captors were a band of rag tag citizen soldiers who upon finding him unleashed their rage.  Was he caught in cross fire or assassinated?  It will never be known for certain and the hand that dealt the final blow will never be identified.  So be it.

I do not agree with Clinton that investigating his death is part of the process of unity and reconciliation.  What's to investigate?

Unity and reconciliation will be no more easy for the Libyans than it is for the Egyptians and the Tunisians.  Should the people of Syria prevail, they too will face the same unrest in the aftermath.  Such is the way in countries where religion and politics are co-mingled with all fighting for dominance.

He's dead.  That chapter has been closed.  Let it be.  Don't try to take any more credit where credit is not due.  Move on to matters that are really pressing.  Our national security for one and Iran for another.

If the administration tries to ride to re-election on the back of a posturing donkey they may end up looking like it's tail end.


Betty said...

In this country, we simply have to try to assess blame. Assessing blame seems to be the most important part of solving any problem. It's one of the many ways we avoid actually solving anything. Once we figure out who to blame, we can move on to the next problem. We're just applying this to other countries, now, too.

Margie's Musings said...

That's true, Betty. We can't seem to let anything die.