Sunday, October 02, 2011

Christie Revisited

Awhile ago I wrote a post about finding Chris Christie interesting.  I still do.  But I hope he continues to say no to running even though the pressure is intensifying.

Those who are applying that pressure are not doing Mr. Christie any favors. The outcome, however, will say one very important thing about him.  Is he or is he not a man of his word.

He has said numerous times, "No."  He has said he isn't ready.  He has yet to complete his first full term as governor of New Jersey.  It's a tough state filled with tough people.  I lived there awhile many years back.  He has his hands full with that alone and he owes his constituents his full, hands on attention.

I can't help thinking about Sarah Palin resigning the governorship of Alaska for the siren's call. Money.  He isn't as flighty as she and wouldn't be playing games, but his experience level at governing is about the same.  Then too, we have one in the White House who had no experience in much of anything and you see what we've gotten!

Much is beginning to be made of his weight.  It is a worry.  The stress of running is enormous. Think of how Hillary looked at the end.  And think about how tough playing catch up would be entering this far into the game, let alone going the distance.

Funny, Obama was encouraged to run because he was so new to politics he had no baggage.  That may because he didn't do much.  Most of his time as Senator was running for office, not legislating.

Mr.  Christie has baggage, if you will. His views.  His views on gun control and illegal immigration, for example, will not sit well with the conservatives.  Nor will his aggressive tell it like it is demeanor.  I personally like it and think the country needs it; needs a strong leader but seeing him in someone elses face is one thing, in your face may be something entirely different.

Should he decide to run, areas where he differs from the conservatives and tea partiers will leave them wondering what they've done.  It would then make Mr. Christie wonder the same thing.

He planted the seed himself by admitting he isn't ready for the national stage and the worldwide spotlight.  There is no shame in that.  It goes to his character, not pretending to be something he isn't.  He's said he doesn't have the fire in his belly.

I hope he keeps that foremost in his mind.  He will not succeed without it and doing it because others have that fire for him certainly won't work.

Let him finish out his term and let's see what kind of a leader he really is.  How his health holds up.  And quit looking for the perfect candidate ~ there isn't one.  Let's too look at all the candidates that are running; there are some good ones getting little or no attention.

And please, can we quit calling Herman Cain racist. Can Romney and Perry grow up and discuss issues rather than their relentless nitpicking at each other.  Will moderators at the debates give equal time to all the candidates.

Will Sarah Palin please go home.  And Mr. Christie, this time, for the sake of your future, please stay home.

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Margie's Musings said...

I haven't seen a viable Republican candidate yet. If one emerges, I wil consider voting with my party this time. But I want a candidate with a brain...a real brain. Too bad Hillary isn't running. I saw a speech yesterday afternoon on CSpan by Bill celebrating twenty years since he announced he was running for president and he still is an impressive thinker. He just doesn't have good morals...but he has a good brain.