Sunday, October 09, 2011

Holier Than Thou

There is a good reason for the separation of church and state.  Ironically, the  Value Voters Summit is a prime example of why.

I have no objection to believing in a Deity,  and  embracing the tome that justifies it in ones mind.  I do have an objection to one such group denigrating those who don't believe the same dictums, especially when it comes to the ability to capably lead our country.

We're not looking at radical Islam here.  We are looking at freedom of religion.  Freedom to worship as you believe without penalty from those who disagree.

The Value Voters crowd is not looking at what solutions the candidates have to solve the problems that are plaguing our country.  Economic meltdown, joblessness, crumbling infrastructure, instability world wide.  No.  They're looking for the candidates to bow to their dictates on social values.  The media eggs them on.  The candidates pander.  That pandering makes me take a much closer look at those who chose not to do so.  Jon Huntsman.  And yes, Newt Gingrich.

You see, I'm not a Christian Conservative.  I do not agree with much that they demand.  I do not believe it makes me an evil person, nor does it diminish in any way my abilities in the areas in which I am capable.

Preachers from their Mega churches seem to have the ability to mesmerize their followers into believing extreme views.  Like insisting Mormonism is a cult.  I could say all organized religions are cults because they do not believe as I do.  I can hear the hue and cry now!

I listen to how many of these people have actual conversations with God.  I should run.  I shouldn't run.  He told my husband and my husband told me.  Please. I have never, ever heard such voices and don't tell me it's because I don't believe.  I can't accept that as fact.  If God were having conversations with the candidates, why isn't He telling the rest of the world to quit having wars or beating our wives or killing our kids?

I also can't take a movement seriously when their pastors say, as truths, "Homosexuality caused the Holocaust."  Boy, is that an over used theme.  Or, "The government 'incentivizes' African-Americans to 'rut like rabbits'." Talk about racist.  It seems to me neither statement has a thing to do with the worship of God nor an indication that the pastor who made the statements is in any way capable of defining who would make a good presidential candidate.  Why are such people even elevated to the prestige of being a pastor?

There are so many religions in the world, and even a brief study of their symbolism indicates a penchant for peace and tranquility. Not divisiveness and hate. There are good and bad among all of them.   When the bad tends to be radical, though most haven't devolved to the extent of the radical Islams where heads are cut off and societies targeted for annihilation, they are getting precariously close.  Our society is just as threatened by 'Christian' radicals who would deny good people from serving because of their religious backgrounds as we are from the Islamic terrorist cells we're told are within our country.  They both aim to conquer.

With the country teetering on the edge of anarchy with the growing protests spreading from city to city, we had better band together in looking for qualities of leadership and sound policy rather than divisive self interest.  I'm not sure the country is any longer capable of it.

Speaking of divisive self interest - the media isn't helping.


Margie's Musings said...

I agree, Mari. The fundamentalists don't have a clue what they are talking about.

The primary problem I have with the LDS candidates is that they may be unduly influenced by the leaders of their church. One of the tenets of Mormonism is "heed to councel". They have no dessent in their conferences and if by some chnace they do have a dessenting vote, they are later visited by their bishop and encouraged to "heed to councel" or lose their temple recomend. And to the LDS, that temple recomend is everything.

Word Tosser said...

DW... I could not agree with your more... religion, has no place in running our country.. didn't use to be.. but for some reason.. it seems to be the main topic instead of what is good for the country.
I am happy that they believe in God, or what ever higher power...just don't try to cramp it down the rest of us.. now lets get back to running the country... the economy, taxes, jobs, keeping companies here.. and etc...