Monday, November 07, 2011

Cain - Searching For A Shred Of Decency

Now that Gloria Allred has involved herself, how is any one's guess, any chance of the Herman Cain sexual harassment allegations ending with a note of decency has now disappeared.

We should all share some blame in this circus. One, for the many assumptions of guilt when the allegations were first made.  Anyone who deals in the real world knows that opportunists looking for a quick buck or to bring someone down can and will file a law suit about any number of things.  Sexual harassment being a favorite because it captures headlines and possibly a bigger payout.  That businesses pay these bribes, whether or not substantive, is a not uncommon practice.

Mr. Cain was ill served by his campaign advisers when told not to comment on them though he vehemently denied them. There was the looming questions as to just who are these women and where have they been over the years.  How opportune.  More money?  A book deal?

On the other hand Mr. Cain owes his supporters an explanation.  Even though there was an agreement with the National Restaurant Association to not discuss the complaints, I wonder if they could have been made public without identifying the complainant.  Then we could all have decided for ourselves whether the complaint was worthy or frivolous.

That opportunity has passed by now that number four has come out with the help of Ms. Allred. It couldn't get any more salacious.  And where has she been?  She said she didn't file a complaint because she wasn't an employee of the NRA.  Nonsense!  Had a man done to me what she accused Mr. Cain of doing I'd have filed police charges against him, I'd have gone to the NRA and any and everybody else who would have listened.  Right then.  Not ten years later with a sensation seeking attorney who appeared out of the woodwork.

The damage now seems insurmountable.  I'm not convinced of anything at this point.  That Mr. Cain might have made some gesture or comment deemed inappropriate may well be. That he didn't see it that way may also well be. That it rose to the level of sexual harassment  to the degree that has been claimed is something we do not know unless or until the actual complaints are made public.

But the seed has been planted, cultivated and has thrived.  Even if it is pulled up by it's roots, some remnant will remain.  The only to kill it off would be for him to drop out of the race.  He has been striped of his dignity.  The campaign is in turmoil because this rather than what really matters owns the air waves.

It's human behavior at it's lowest ebb.  If it was politically motivated it's sick.

I don't think, when push came to shove, that Mr. Cain would have gotten the nomination.  He has too many areas in which he lacks sufficient knowledge and experience.  Remember how wildly popular Sarah Palin was but how may people didn't vote for McCain because she was such a light weight?  And she was only running for Vice President.

If Herman Cain is guilty as accused, he doesn't deserve a pass.  If he is not, and we don't know, that he be taken down by the sleaze factor is about as disgusting as it gets.

By the way, thinking about justice being served, Lindsey Lohen left jail moments after reporting.  No room at the inn. Funny, if I remember correctly, she was proven guilty of her offenses!


Anonymous said...

I can't take him seriously as a candidate. All his rhetoric has a banner ad mentality. He seemed like a cardboard cutout character before the ad that came out. Now all the allegations of funding from Koch Brother outfits and no visible on the ground campaign staffing. He just looks like another weirdo doing what Sara Palin did but actually got in the race.

If the harassment claims are true I wish him zero luck in consolidating his fortunes from this sham venture.

Margie's Musings said...

When I was working and just before I retired, Mari, a co-worker of mine sexually harrassed me. I didn't report him because I liked his family and even liked him. I did go to him privately and tell him that if it didn't dtop, I would have to report him. It stopped immediately. He didn't consider it sexual harrassment because he never laid a hand on me. He just talked.

If he had laid a hand on me, I don't know whether I would have reported him or not. There is a certain amount of embarassment connected with being harrassed.