Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Thanks" Giving

I spent a large part of yesterday and this morning doing prep work for tomorrow's dinner.  I thought about how we've downscaled the meal over the past several years.  For the best of reasons - we just can't eat as much.  Not because we can't afford it.  We're among the fortunate.

The food banks have had a real struggle this year.  Not just for the holiday, but daily.  There are more and more people in need and fewer able to be as generous as they might like.  Yet, as is typical in our community anyway, the need has been answered to the point there may even be surplus to go toward Christmas.  It's the rule here, rather than the exception.  Whether it be for a holiday meal or warm coats for kids or toys for tots or a family struck by misfortune and becoming financially strapped, the people here step up to the plate and help.  Always.  Generously.

It makes me wonder what Thanksgiving means to our politicians.  I can't see them sharing a meager little turkey as the pilgrims and Indians above without it being a 'taxing' situation.  Do they look around at the people and see the pain caused by greed, be it monetary or ideology?  Would a  Republican pilgrim even think of sharing with a Democrat Indian? Or vice versa.

 When they go home do they see in their communities what I see in ours?  Do they see the people reaching out to help those less fortunate? Or do they only see what is on the table before them, for them; for them to indulge themselves in in lieu of all else?  It's a cynical view, but to me the most likely.

It's going to be cold and blustery here.  The kitchen is already warm and inviting with the sounds and smells of a meal being prepared.  We'll enjoy it and afterward perhaps settle in with a fine brandy to finish off and reflect.  Reflect on the idea that the people, both those who give and who receive, are the heart and soul of this country.  I'd pit any one of them against any ten politicians and bet on the one to solve a problem or get a job done.

I can only hope that a break from politics, away from Washington, might let a little of the reality the rest of us live with seep into their consciousness and prompt them to look beyond themselves.  Even if only for a fleeting minute.   That's all that's needed to pique a conscience isn't it?

Wow.  Now, that would be worthy of thanks giving!

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Margie's Musings said...

I share your cynical view, Mari. I intend to vote for anyone else except an incumbant here. Maybe it won't do any good but I'll feel better anyhow.