Thursday, November 03, 2011

Who The Heck Is Jub Jub McFadden?

Jub Jub McFadden.  The name kind of rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?  No?  Well, I guess it's in the mind of the beholder.  You see, he's the new man in my life.  Relatively new anyway. Actually there are two of them, the other being his Dad.

I've written before about how sometimes something special comes along through blogging and all that has accompanied it like You Tube.  Remember back when Bacchus was sick and I posted videos about his well being - or lack thereof?  I had just gotten my Flip video camera the Christmas before we knew he was so sick.  I never got to do all I had planned.  Videos of fun with my dog.

Fast forward maybe a year after he had left us.  I got an invitation to subscribe to the videos of one Beefstew.  Speaking of curious names!  Curiosity won and there I met Jub Jub.  A Saint Bernard puppy and his dad.  It was love at first sight.

I've a couple of other friends on Facebook with Saints though with one being Greek and the other Italian I miss out on the dialog. And of course there was Oly, the Saint belonging to our vet tech.  So it isn't as though I've been deprived of my Saint fix.

What I found, however, is this tremedous bond between a young man and his dog. I know most people love their dogs as much as I loved mine.  Most, however, don't show the relationship develop as has Stew with Jub Jub.  Every dog in the world should have a person like Stew.

It also drove home that raising a Saint Bernard is a joy  meant for people much younger than me!  The energy!  The adventures.  The laughter with dogs and cats and friends - and chipmunks!  It's hilarious, poignant and exhilerating.  The first thing I do when I open my e-mail is to look for a new You Tube announcement.

Now my vicarious world is complete.  Jub Jub has his own Facebook page! Both Jub Jub and his Dad have friended me. I'm thrilled.  I really am.  It makes me feel more a part of them.  It isn't the same as having my own living breathing furry friend, but it's as good as it gets as a substitute.  How can you not love a guy who stands with his dog, commenting on the Occupy Wall Street movement with a sign saying 'I am so angry I made a sign'.  It may not hit everyone's funny bone but it hit mine spot on!  The man is flat out my kind of people!

Without social media none of this would have happened.  It can't replace reality nor should it, but if it can fill an empty place in my heart it can't be all bad.

So to Jub Jub and Stew and everyone around you that join to warm my little corner of the world.  Thanks.  Only one thing could make it better.  That someday our paths should cross. One never knows.


beefstew202 said...

Thank you sooo much, we truly appreciate your support!!!

Excellent article! I can't really sleep right now(too excited) but as soon as goof-ball over here stops snoring and wakes up I will be sure to read him the article!!!

Thank you again,
Love Jub Jub and Stew!!!

Margie's Musings said...

That's great, Mari. You're such a Saint person I still think you need a Saint puppy.

Keith said...

Great article! Beefstew202 and Jub Jub are hilarious!