Thursday, January 19, 2012

Does Ambition Trump Morality?

I have never witnessed anything quite as bazaar as this primary season!  It is driving home the idea that I am a dinosaur, my ideals belong to another era long gone.

Okay, Perry is gone.  Was he ever really there?  Who's left? Romney, Paul, Gingrich and Santorum.  Why is it I'm not feeling any better about the field?

I've been listening to the talking heads dissecting Marianne Gingrich's expose.  It really isn't news except for the details.  Everyone knows Newt is a philanderer.  It has always been part of his baggage.

So why is everyone so surprised that the former Mrs. has chosen this point in time to make an issue of it?  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!  What I don't get is why the 'Christian Conservatives' who are so against abortion for any reason and gay marriage seem willing to give these politicians a pass on their personal morality?

I was astounded when I heard Dana Perino and Monica Crowley defending him to Megan Kelly today.  Crowley suggested it's not the scandal that's the issue but how the candidate handles it. Besides, they said, this happened long ago.  So did the alleged transgressions by Herman Cain yet they weren't as benevolent to him.  Is it that he denied it rather than admitting it?

Gringrich himself even said his infidelity at the time he was hammering Clinton on his wasn't the same because he didn't lie under oath.  Clinton did.  Back to the definitions I guess.  It depends on what the definition of infidelity is.  I didn't know there was more than one.

I guess I could say that to expect lies from politicians is a given.  That to expect many are less than morally unimpeachable is a given. Is it a given this is the new normal?  Or the long standing one for that matter.

I know I'm from the age of Ally Oop, the time traveling prehistoric from Moo, when I'm offended by a candidate that can look me in the eye and say, "So what? It's a given."

The moralists scream bloody murder when our Marines show the poor taste of urinating on the corpse of an enemy who moments before tried to kill them yet where are they when a serial adulterer and advocate of 'open marriage' wants to be President of our country?

Is there a high ground any more?  Or is it a given that there isn't?  These men running for President should be the ultimate role model.  Instead we are presented with liars and cheats.
It's no wonder so many unions, politicians, even clergy and police, let alone Hollywoodites and mega athletes behave with impunity.  The moral compass no longer exists.  Maybe it's back in Moo with Oop and me.


Word Tosser said...

Swing by and pick me up with your
dinosaur, because this is way worse than I could even imagine.
I am not so niave that I didn't know it was going on before.. just now they seem to it wide open, no hidden or whispers about it... between the moral code of decency and the buying the election, hiding money on the island.. wow.. I don't know about you.. but I am tired of it being rubbed in my face.
I might have to go down to the polls and write in.. NO ONE...

Margie's Musings said...

I know, Mari, I'm just as confused as you are. Much as I dislike the notion, Romney is at least moral.

I guess I will still vote for Obama.

Anonymous said...

No, Please don't go, and leave one less sane person with integrity right here where you are needed the most. You are not alone, just seems the good and decent people like you may have given too much credit to the political process, and rather than earn your trust, they've found a way to change the rules to suit themselves(biting their noses to spite their face).

Yet another interesting and informative piece by the way. Have a great week.