Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Enigma That Is Ron Paul

A Young Ron Paul
If ever there was a human equivalent of the Energizer Bunny it certainly must be Ron Paul.  It seems like he has been around forever.

Nearly.  Close to 77, he's been around even longer than me!  For a man who has no chance of winning the Presidency, I find him intriguing.  I wonder if he looked more like himself during his Air Force days he'd be doing even better than he is.

I also find it interesting that I don't hear age as an issue nearly as much as I did with McCain.  Perhaps it's because he doesn't seem to reflect his age as did McCain. I was curious as to the ages of his most ardent supporters.  In 2008, which was all I could find, those 18 to 24 were by far the strongest demographic group followed by 35-44, 45-54 and over 65.  While the others fell below the median, not that far.

Next I went to his campaign website and had a good look at his stand on the issues.  In truth, I think he represents that for which a lot of us have been looking.  I don't agree with him on everything, I don't think he can accomplish a lot that he'd like because he has a legislature  with which to contend.  In general, however, his desire for less intrusive government, more frugal government, a reasonable tax structure and health care system, immigration and border security favoring legals rather than the illegals,  a military strong enough to insure our safety yet go to war if necessary, fewer if any wars to have to go to, investing our wealth in our country rather than the rest of the world and my favorite, reigning in and eventually eliminating the TSA, all have broad appeal.

Consider the young people who follow him.  No wars. How great would that be?  No matter how patriotic, no man or woman goes off to war wanting to die. Especially for causes as murky as some of our more recent ventures.

His view on tax reform certainly appeals to the next two demographic groups, those of an age to be starting up businesses or trying to make the ones they have succeed.

As for we who are his peers or close to it, want just to be left alone to live out our lives as freely and comfortably as possible.  We'd like to be able to sell our home and downsize without taking a huge financial hit.  We'd like to know that medical attention will be available when we need it without middle men deciding whether or not our ailments are worthy.

I could go on and on but see I've already done so.  I'll sum up by saying I think of all the candidates running,  Ron Paul best fits the "anyone but Mitt" role.  The others seem too sanctimonious, too ill tempered, mean spirited and short on substance.  Not that Paul hasn't had his moments to be sure.

He may not articulate some of his stands as clearly as he should, like his view on Iran, but dig a bit deeper and you see what he's saying.  Unfortunately that isn't good enough.

I expect he will continue to make a respectable showing in the primaries.  A vote for him is a statement saying we're sick of all of you.  Whether he can win or not, those who cast a vote for Ron Paul are acknowledging a man who cares deeply not only for America, but Americans and adds a pretty good dose of Constitutional common sense to the mix.


Gunner Sykes said...

I got as far as the no chance of winning whine.

No need to read any more.

Margie's Musings said...

I really don't think he could win. He's nearly 77 years old. I'm 76 myself. It would depend on who his VP would be as to whether he would even have a chance. If it were someone like Palen, that would be the end of it.

Anonymous said...

Yet another informative and interesting read. Appreciate your knack for highlighting the respective candidates, and sharing your own personal insights, yet allowing the readers to form our own viewpoints. That's a plus, especially when major media networks claim fair and balance in their delivery, yet attempt to slant the process anyway.

It's encouraging that our nation still has great citizens in her midst. Wish there was a way to put all the best qualities of Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, etc. into an IBM super computer, and spit out an ideal candidate, but if we did that, the human element would be missing. Yes, none of us, including our canidates are perfect, but as long as we are learning along the way, we'll eventually optimize our efforts to improve the quality of life <===hopefully. Appreciate the interesting read.

Word Tosser said...

when the reporter asked him, if he saw himself in the White House, he stopped for a minute and said, no, not really... which I thought was not the best answer when you are running BUT I admired him for being honest.. and that is an unusual trait these days..