Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Newt and Barack - Brothers Under The Skin?

One is a shade taller and darker, one is quite a bit heavier but that's all superficial.  They have more in common than not.

Both love to hear themselves talk.  Both think they are far more brilliant than the rest of we mere mortals.  Both think it's their destiny to be President and have their way with us.  What a choice.

Obama will stake his claim tonight.  It will be political theater to be sure.  There will be applause lines, lines for which to cheer.  Hearty handshakes and hands being sat upon.  This of course will be the State of The Democratic Campaign speech.

Newt too needs this type adoration to flow his way.  He was in a snit today because the audience was asked to remain silent during last night's debate and did so.  Now Newt says he'll do no more if that is to be the rule.  Oh, my.

Bret Stephens asked in his Wall Street Journal column this morning  that if this election is as important as everyone is saying, where are the Republicans who could actually win it?  Could reluctant wives not be convinced the future of country is worth it?  I know how grueling the campaign can be.  Heck, we wallow in it or it wouldn't be such.  Still, the country needs better than it has or is being offered.

Michelle Obama has allegedly said that our country doesn't deserve her husband.  I actually agree with her but for the exact opposite reason than she intended.  I can say the same for Newt, Mitt, Rick and Ron, too.  We don't deserve them.  Or do we?  I'd like to think we deserve better but maybe we don't.

When even the top tier of individuals who could win with good reason refuse to step up to the plate, something is being said about the will of our country to regain it's stature in the world.

If leaders aren't willing to lead, who do we follow?  That which is left.  The Newt's and Mitt's and Obama's who's interest in the office is more for personal glorification than the forwarding of a nation.  One used to be a business man.  How does what he did at Bain work for the country?  How does a man who is reputed by people of his own party to not have the temperament nor ability to lead going to fix anything?  Especially when there are no applause lines.

Maybe, as Stephens suggests, the worst of all in this election scenario are those who could run and should run yet refuse to do so.

Is patriotism being redefined as well as the Constitution?


Betty said...

Actually, I'm just cynical enough to believe we get exactly what we deserve. We go along in neutral until the next election, then rush to the polls and vote for the candidate who is the meanest and nastiest, and then justify our actions because we're "mad." We don't ever think for ourselves. Can you tell I'm disgusted with the American people? Well, I am.

Margie's Musings said...

Which is why I will vote again for Obama. He is the best of the field. He is working against the tide since the congress, dominated by us Republicans refuse to even try to work with him.

Under the circumstances he's had to deal with, I think he has done better than most could have done.

The four Republican clowns scare me to death.